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Merasmus is Joseph's Alakazam. He is named after the wizard Merasmus from the Team Fortress 2 universe.


Age: 2

Birthday: June 4

Nature: Calm

Ability: Magic Guard

Met: Lacunosa Town (Abra)

Favorite Move: Teleport

Likes: Catherine, teleportation, screwing around with people

Dislikes: Unknown


Merasmus' personality is largely unknown, as he keeps most of his emotions inside. He is almost never seen without his honorary sister Catherine, and the two seem to take enjoyment in messing with others.

Abilities in Battle

Merasmus has not battled much at all, despite how powerful Alakazams are.


As mentioned, Merasmus is very close with Catherine, the two being inseparable since they were together in the Dream World.

He also respects Ren.

Joseph's Team
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