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Newt is a female Weavile, and a former member of Herbert's team, before being given to Joseph. She is named after Newt, an orphan girl adopted by the crew of the USS Sulaco in the movie Aliens.


Age: 6 months

Gender: Female

Birthday: 9th May, 2013

Nature: Impish

Ability: Pressure

Met: Undella Town, Unova (Sneasel)

Ball: Premier

Favorite Move: Faint Attack

Likes: Exploring, stealing, snark

Dislikes: Being left alone


Newt has the appearance of a standard female Weavile.


Being a child, Newt is more curious and innocent than her parents. However, she greatly enjoys stealing things, but isn't that good at it yet.

Abilities In Battle

Newt's abilities in battle are limited, as she is only a baby. However, she has inherited a number of Egg moves from her parents.

  • TypeIce.gif Ice Punch, Ice Shard
  • TypeNormal.gif Scratch, Leer
  • TypeDark.gif Taunt


Newt was the product of a one-night stand between Ripley and Rogue in Lentimas Town, and her Egg hatched in Undella. Herbert adopted her, in search of a trainer who would be able to take better care of her.


Newt usually stays very close to her parents, Ripley and Rogue, and seems to show a good deal of affection towards them both. She has had little chance to interact with anyone else.

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