Falchion (Herbert)

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Falchion is a male Bisharp, and a member of Herbert's team.


Age: 5

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 26, 2008

Nature: Naughty

Ability: Defiant

Met: Mistralton City (Pawniard)

Ball: Ultra

Favourite Move: Night Slash

Likes: Stealing, money, stealing money

Dislikes: Self-righteousness, law enforcement


Falchion has the appearance of a standard male Bisharp.


As a former criminal, Falchion is cruel and almost entirely without morals. Though he shows a sense of order and discipline, and unlike most members of the Pawniard Army is quite capable of giving and following orders with mechanical precision, he has little concern for individuals other than himself. He is also something of a coward, easily cowed into submission by intimidating foes and often fleeing from dangerous situations. His loyalty to Edge is unshakable, however, and as a result he has had difficulty adjusting to Herbert as a trainer.

Abilities In Battle

Falchion prefers to let his lackeys do the fighting for him, but is a fairly capable combatant if he is called upon to do battle. He is tough and able to take a number of hits - provided that those hits aren't Fighting-type moves, of course.

  • TypeDark.gif Night Slash, Faint Attack, Thief
  • TypeSteel.gif Metal Claw
  • TypeGround.gif Dig


Falchion was initially Edge's second-in-command in the Pawniard Army, often acting as an intelligence agent and gathering information for Edge. He informed Edge about Herbert's fairly considerable wealth and feelings for Carol, and helped to lead a raid on the Mistralton Pokemon Center in order to kidnap her. However, Herbert was able to corner him whilst he was leading the rearguard, and captured him in an Ultra Ball in order to interrogate him.

After his capture, Falchion told the group where to locate Carol, and they went to rescue her, defeating the Pawniard Army in the process and driving Edge off. Herbert decided to take charge of the army in Edge's absence, and appointed Falchion as its new commander. As per Edge's last order before his death, Falchion served Herbert loyally throughout his travels in Unova, eventually evolving into a Bisharp during the battle with Shauntal.


Falchion intensely dislikes most of Herbert's team, especially Kirk. However, he seems to get along with Ripley due to their shared mischievous natures, though he is not above making disdainful comments at her expense.

He is incredibly loyal to Edge, respecting the Bisharp's power and Obscuric ability. The two seemed to share something of a mentor-student relationship prior to Edge's death. He disdains most other members of the Pawniard Army, believing himself to be the only sane and competent member, although he seems to have a grudging respect for Cassius.

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