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Revan is a Dusknoir who was an Alakazam in life. He was partnered with Lucanus during this time. He died during the Ghost Lord's invasion of Pugilis at Umbra's hand, but was revived subsequently and ended up joining Lucanus' descendent's team. Maul and Sidious are his descendants.

Lucius's Team
On Hand: Kirk448Mini.pngBishop212Mini.pngMaul065Mini.pngOmega392Mini.pngEpsilon464Mini.pngIota376Mini.png
Formerly Owned: Ripley461Mini.pngNewt461Mini.pngFalchion625Mini.pngRevan477Mini.pngSamus520Mini.pngLeia186Mini.pngEDI233Mini.pngOracle653Mini.pngShrike227Mini.pngKaylee169Mini.pngFulgrim571Mini.pngWrex559Mini.pngElan400Mini.pngHarkness392Mini.pngKerrigan066Mini.png
As last seen in: Sinnoh