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Leia is a female Dream World Politoed, and a member of Herbert's team. She is named after Princess Leia, from the Star Wars series of films.


Age: 4

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 15, 2008

Nature: Timid

Ability: Drizzle

Met: Castelia City, Unova (Politoed)

Ball: Quick

Favorite Move: BubbleBeam

Likes: Being alone, friendly peoplemons

Dislikes: Crowds, social situations


Leia has the appearance of a standard female Politoed.


Leia is shy, quiet and withdrawn, usually trying to avoid people she doesn't know very well. When she speaks, it is always in a very low tone, stuttering at least one word in every sentence.

Abilities In Battle

Leia rarely gets involved in battles, preferring to avoid conflict. When she does battle, she generally relies on firing several BubbleBeams at her opponent, only using different moves when prompted to by Herbert.

Known Moves:

  • TypeWater.gif BubbleBeam, Surf
  • TypeNormal.gif DoubleSlap, Perish Song
  • TypePsychic.gif Hypnosis


Leia was originally from the Dream World, but fell through one of the Dream World rifts in Unova and ended up with a group of Politoed in Castelia City. The others were teleported away by Maul, but Herbert used a Quick Ball to catch Leia. She has since traveled with Herbert throughout his adventures in Unova, hoping to find a way back to the Dream World.


Leia seems to like Herbert, believing that he can find her a way to get back to the Dream World, and as a result is willing to accompany him through his travels.

Though she does not usually interact with other members of the team due to her shyness, she appears to be friendly with Kirk, the Lucario helping to console her whenever things get difficult. She is friendly with Samus due to their similar situations, and also seems to like Slashkreyd for the same reasons.

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