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Kirk is a male Lucario, and Herbert's starter. He is named after Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise, from the Star Trek series.


Age: 7

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 6, 2006

Nature: Bold

Ability: Inner Focus

Met: Starter (Riolu)

Ball: Premier

Favorite Move: Aura Sphere

Likes: Battling, worthy opponents, winning

Dislikes: Criminals, weak opponents, losing


Kirk has the appearance of a standard male Lucario.


Kirk is bold, brash and boisterous, often acting before giving a situation due consideration. He loves the thrill of battle and never shies away from a fight, even if there are other options available. His arrogant nature means that he has difficulties losing, often going beyond his limits in order to win battles. Although he willingly follows Herbert, he believes that allowing humans to act as trainers for Pokemon is flawed.

Abilities In Battle

Kirk almost never uses status-affecting moves, preferring to launch an all-out attack until either he or his opponent are defeated. He prefers using Aura abilities, and will lead with Aura Sphere or Force Palm. Kirk's defenses are unusually strong for a Lucario, though he is not nearly as strong as he claims to be.

Kirk's Movepool
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeFighting.gif Aura Sphere Natural ★★★★
TypeFighting.gif Force Palm Natural ★★★★
TypeFighting.gif Close Combat Natural ★★★
TypeFighting.gif Bulk Up TM ★★
TypePsychic.gif Psychic TM ★★
TypePsychic.gif Agility Egg move ★★★
TypePsychic.gif Calm Mind TM ★★
TypePsychic.gif Heal Pulse Natural ★★
TypeSteel.gif Metal Claw Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif ExtremeSpeed Natural ★★★ Can also be used to cover long distances quickly.
TypeDragon.gif Dragon Pulse Natural ★★★
TypeRock.gif Stone Edge TM ★★★
TypeDark.gif Dark Pulse Natural ★★★
TypeGround.gif Earthquake TM ★★
TypeFire.gif Hidden Power TM ★★ Prior to the acquisition of Harkness, this was the only Fire-type attack available to Herbert's team.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Kirk


Kirk was only recently hatched when he was given to Herbert, and has had almost no experience with life away from his trainer. Nevertheless, he has accompanied Herbert on all his adventures so far, visiting Orre, Kanto, Almia and eventually Unova along the way. Whilst he was in Orre, he protected Herbert from a Shadow Scyther, almost dying in the process - nevertheless, once Herbert purified the Scyther and named it Bishop, Kirk became firm friends with him.

In the AU

In the AU, Kirk was far less loyal to Herbert than in the original timeline. He eventually ended up abandoning his trainer and, unaware of the boy's death, joined up with Scolemis and served in the Foreign Legion under Rommel. After Scolemis' regime collapsed, Kirk was left stranded in Aspertia City with the remnant's of Rommel's forces, and assumed the role of commander. When the Jerk Dragons dropped the mon bombs, Kirk volunteered his services to Cassandra, keen to continue what he saw as the cause of a better world through Pokemon superiority.


Being Herbert's starter, Kirk is loyal to Herbert and good friends with him, although he is not above questioning his trainer's orders or making sarcastic comments at his expense. However, after his travels in Unova which eventually culminated in his defeat at the hands of Iris' Haxorus, Kirk has begun to question his trainer and the idea of Pokemon training in general.

Kirk has a fairly good relationship with all members of Herbert's team. He and Bishop are firm friends, despite some conflict between the two in the past, and he gets on well with Ripley despite her abrasive nature. He is able to tolerate Maul and his cryptic means of communication, and although he is slightly annoyed by Wrex he still gets along with him and Leia. He hates Falchion, however, and the feeling is mutual.

Kirk bore an intense dislike for Kai and Jacob, due to him believing that the former is a murderer because of a misunderstanding and learning of the latter's threat to kill Sakura and Lyuri. However, he overcame this after a conversation about the AU with Kai. He also dislikes Cassius due to his criminal actions. He seems to be friendlier with other Lucario, getting along well with Eowyn, and despite some initial conflict with Audrey he appears to view her as something of a friendly rival.

Lucius's Team
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