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Elan is a male Bibarel, and a member of Herbert's team. He is named after Elan, the party's bard from the webcomic the Order of the Stick.


Age: 5

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 8, 2008

Nature: Quirky

Ability: Simple

Met: Caught by Alice on Route 205, traded to Herbert in Eterna City (Bidoof)

Ball: Premier

Favorite Move: Surf

Likes: Singing, cliches

Dislikes: Violation of narrative casuality


Elan has the appearance of a standard male Bibarel.


Elan is fairly simple, as his ability suggests, and is usually friendly and well-meaning towards everybody. He loves to sing (despite the fact that he is rather tone-deaf) and has an excellent understanding of narrative theory, much like his namesake.

Abilities In Battle

Elan is not skilled at battling, since he was originally trained as a HM specialist, though he is fairly determined and fights with enthusiasm.

Known Moves:

  • TypeNormal.gif Headbutt, Hyper Fang, Cut, Strength, Rock Climb
  • TypeWater.gif Water Gun, Surf
  • TypeRock.gif Rollout
  • TypeFighting.gif Rock Smash


Elan was caught by Alice on Route 205 in Sinnoh, but she chose not to keep him after deciding to become a Grass monotyper. She traded him to Herbert instead, and Elan has since accompanied Herbert as a HM specialist over the course of his journeys throughout Sinnoh, Kanto, Almia and Orre. However, as Herbert's team has become more competitive, he has spent most of his time boxed.


Elan seems to be fairly fond of Herbert as a trainer. Since he is almost always boxed, his relationships with the rest of the team are hard to gauge.

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