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Samus is a female Dream World Tranquill, and a member of Herbert's team. She is named after Samus Aran, a bounty hunter from the Metroid series of games.


Age: 2

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 11, 2011

Nature: Sassy

Ability: Rivalry

Met: Opelucid City, Unova (Pidove)

Ball: Nest

Favorite Move: Air Cutter

Likes: Nesting in people's hair, food

Dislikes: Mind games, psychics


Samus has the appearance of a standard female Tranquill.


Samus has a rather adventurous and inquisitive personality. Though she can be intimidated by unfamiliar or daunting situations, she becomes rather headstrong in the face of danger.

Abilities In Battle

Due to her inexperience and low evolutionary stage, Samus has limited abilities in battle. When she fights, however, she is fairly headstrong, diving in to attack without considering all the possible options.

Known Moves:

  • TypeNormal.gif Growl, Leer, Quick Attack
  • TypeFlying.gif Gust, Air Cutter


Samus came through one of the Dream World rifts in Unova, ending up in Aspertia City with a flock of Pidove. When the rift was closed, she decided to follow Herbert around, becoming separated from the rest of the flock - which ended up saving her from having her soul devoured by Lady Black. Herbert decided to catch her in Opelucid City, officially making her his Pokemon.


Samus seems to like Herbert, though whether the feeling is mutual is unclear. Though she started off by simply following him and mooching food off of him, Herbert adopted her out of a need for a flyer, and he seems willing to tolerate her company in exchange for her service as a Pokemon.

Amongst Herbert's team, Samus seems to be closest to Wrex, as the two are both young and share a similar impulsive nature. She also seems rather friendly with Leia, Herbert's other Dream World Pokemon.

Samus' relation with Lady Black started out quite strained, with the Chandelure scaring her and Wrex a good deal. After Lady apologized, Samus was still indignant and flew off.

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