Henry (Joseph)

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"Take a moment to observe my bowtie. Quite jaunty, wouldn't you say?"

Henry is Joseph's Cinccino.


Age: 3

Birthday: March 20

Nature: Mild

Ability: Technician

Met: Route 4 (Minccino)

Favorite Move: Tail Slap

Likes: Fashion, Cleanliness, Ren

Dislikes: Dirt


Henry is a foppish gentleman in the body of a Cinccino. He is polite, formal, and above all clean. He always wears a bowtie that he most definitely did not steal from the Nimbasa Musical staff.

Abilities in Battle

Henry has not been used all that much in battle, despite being rather good at it. He is quite fast, and can hit reasonably hard, but is terrible at taking hits.

Moves Known

  • TypeNormal.gif Tail Slap, Attract, Sing. Return
  • TypeGrass.gif Bullet Seed
  • TypeRock.gif Rock Blast
  • TypeBug.gif U-Turn
  • TypeWater.gif Aqua Tail
Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeNormal.gif Tail Slap Natural ★★★★★ Henry uses this often, although he'd rather have Skill Link to help.
TypeGrass.gif Bullet Seed Natural ★★★★ It is worth noting that this move is adorable when used by a Cinccino.
TypeRock.gif Rock Blast Natural ★★★★ This is somewhat less adorable.
TypeBug.gif U-Turn TM ★★★★ For a quick getaway.
TypeNormal.gif Attract TM ★★★ Used only in rare circumstances.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Henry (Joseph)


Henry is good friends with Aida, who he knew before being caught by Joseph.

He looks up to Ren, due to the two of them sharing an interest in fashion.

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As last seen in: Alola