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Ren's Mindscape takes the form of a small continent. The continent is based of the world of White Knight Chronicles video game series. The primary location in Ren's Mindscape is Opera Town, home to the Opera House - which was originally all that Ren's mindscape encompassed. The opera house, from a meta standpoint, takes visual cues from the real life Paris opera houses and from the Opera Populaire from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. In the RP, the opera house is a replica of the Lumiose Opera House circa 1880.


  • Manager - Overall representation of Ren's personality. Looks like just like Ren except Manager doesn't have a cane. Manager! Ren also functions as Ren's superego.
  • Director - Ren's ego. Director never wears a coat and only wears vests or a nice shirt.
  • Drama - Ren's id. Always wears a black outfit. Has the appearance of a much more stern looking Ren who doesn't need a cane.
  • Comedy - Ren's idiocy. Comedy!Ren wears a harlequin outfit and has chessboard patterned face paint.
  • Tragedy - Ren's depression. Tragedy is almost a physical double of Ren, his only difference it the perpetual sad expression. Is the only aspect who uses a cane.
  • Primo Umo - Ren's self-import. Primo Umo!Ren is flashy in his speech and mannerisms, but has no set appearance. However, The more Ren's ego is stroked, the flashier Primo Umo!Ren looks, with him very plain clothes when Ren is depressed or unconfident.
  • Prima Donna - Ren's femininity. Looks like Rena.
  • Chief Stagehand - The Embodiment of Ren's physical memories. Particularly, Ren's physical limits.
  • Bookkeeper - The embodiment of Ren's memories.
  • Bunraku - This aspect represents Ren's Pokeform. He has the outfit and hood of a traditional Bunraku puppeteer and carries a bunraku puppet version of Ren's pokeform. Due to his face being covered by his hood, Bunraku uses the puppet he carries to "talk" as well as express his emotions.
  • Sorceress - One of the two aspects that where "hired" to replace Horror after Jacob defeated him. She looks like the 2014 live-action Maleficent.
    • Sorceress enchanted a Stagehand to use as her familiar.
      • The familiar, just like in Maleficent, the familiar's name is Diaval.
      • Sorceress usually keeps Diaval in the form of a Honchkrow, but can freely change Diaval into any Pokemon.
  • Facade - One of the two aspects that where "hired" to replace Horror after Jacob defeated him. Jekyll and Hyde are the two personalities that inhabit Facade. The more prevalent personality of Facade is Jekyll. Jekyll is more calm and collected and can actually keep up with Bookkeeper in term of intelligence. Hyde usually emerges under extreme circumstance and is extremely bestial in his manners and actions.
  • Stagehands - There are countless Stagehands, and most are identical. The Stagehands are what controls Ren's body and maintain Ren's mindscape.
    • While most stagehands are identical and maintain Ren's body, new stagehands can be "hired" for specialized duties. Theses stagehands, while there face is identical to a normal stagehand, a specialized stagehand's body can look vastly different. If said duties of these "hired" stagehands becomes redundant or obsolete, they will be "fired" and disappear from Ren's Mindscape.

Evil Aspects

  • Horror - Ren's negative emotions. He has the physical appearance of Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera.
    • Horror and his powers were strengthened by Ren's experiences in Orre. However, Horror has since lost most of his powers and his humanoid form thanks to Jacob thwarting Horror plot to take over Ren's mindscape. He is currently in hiding somewhere in the Ren's mindscape, though everyone involved thinks he's dead.
  • Belcitane - A short, fat, balding aspect that has the power to corrupt and convert Stagehands to serve him.
  • General Dragias - A tall aspect with black armor and glowing red eyes. He commands Belcitane and Shapur. He seems to report to a higher power.
  • Shapur - A calm and collected aspect with a sinisterly soft voice, horned head, and an eye patch.

Notable Areas

Prior to Ren's mindscape expanding, it only consisted of the opera house.

The Opera House

  • The Entrance Hall - The area where all visitors to Ren's Mindscape start their visit.
  • The Auditorium - The area where most of the meetings between aspects are held. It is also the location of The Stage and Orchestra Pit.
    • The Stage and Orchestra Pit can manifest Ren's memories or imaginings in 3D. What is currently happening to Ren can also be displayed in real time.
  • The Records Office - The area where Ren memories are kept. Memories take the form of written documents and photographs
  • The Prop Department - The area where Ren's general knowledge is kept. Each prop represents a fact and/ or several related facts.
  • The Wardrobe Department - Where Ren's knowledge of Pokemon (biology, physiology, etc) and coordinating are kept. Most of the costumes in this department are of Pokemon - with a different costumes for each Pokemon. The amount Ren knows about a particular Pokemon determines the level of detail of the corresponding costume (i.e. the more Ren knows about a mon, the more detailed a costume gets, and vice versa.)
  • The Management Offices - While usually unoccupied, this is the place grants the occupant(s) absolute control over Ren.
  • The Cellars - Where the most disused things in the mindscapes are stored until needed again.
  • The Underground - The area where Ren's negativity gathers. This area used to be Horror's quarters until the area was given distinct form and split into segments as a result of Ren experiences in Orre. The Underground is comprised of The Descent, The Labyrinth, The Underground Lake, and The Underground Lake House.
    • Upon the Expansion of Ren's mindscape, a new area replaced the Descent and the Labyrinth.
      • The Descent - The corridors that connect the Labyrinth to the Cellars.
      • The Labyrinth - The Labyrinth is meant to act as a deterrent, keeping Ren positivity and negativity separate.
      • The Underground Lake - A black lake that is made up of Ren's negativity. The lake has traps that can capture and corrupt positive aspects and items as well as visitors.
      • The Underground Lake House - Horror's quarters. Just like its occupant, the Underground Lake is reflective of its counterpart in the Gaston Leroux novel.
      • The Sewer Maze and Treasure Vault - The area that replaced The Decent and the Labyrinth. This Area housed and protected the White Knight's Armor and Ark until Sticy Lips form a pact with the White Knight.

Opera Town

With the Opera House at it center, Opera Town provides proper workplaces, residences, and resources for Ren's aspects

The Greydall Plains

The grassy, lightly forested area surrounding 2/3 of Opera Town.

The Sea of Balandor

The sea that surrounds the Southwestern 1/3 of Opera Town.

The Nordia Tunnels

A series of tunnels that connects the Greydall Plains and the Lagnish Desert

The Lagnish Desert

A desert area with ruins that house the Black Knight and its Ark.

The Flandar Mountains

A vast mountain range that is also called "The Flandars". The biggest mountains create a colossal valley in the center of them.

The Bunker Lode Cavern

Actually a series of smaller tunnels and connected caves that lead to the main cavern where the Dragon Knight's armor and Ark are kept and protected.

Frass Chasm

A forested chasm area that houses unique weapons for the Knights that is inhabited by various Bug, Poison, Grass type creatures. Frass Chasm connects the Flandars to the Van Haven Wastes

The Van Haven Wastes

A rocky area with rocky pits with sparse vegetation all connected by a series of underground tunnels and underground rivers. The Van Haven Waste are home to the Dogma Ruins

The Dogma Ruins

The ruins of a vast castle that houses the Sun King's armor and Ark.

The Lost Farian Forest

An unique, heavily forested area. All four seasons occur at the same time in different parts of the forest due to for sacred trees. The forest is home to a important presence to Ren's being.

Redhorn Island

A volcanic island located in the middle of the Sea of Balandor. Its only inhabitant is a single mental lifeform.