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Name: Helen Delmont/Glint
Nickname: Crewe
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 24 (As of 2021)
Height: 5'2" (157 cm)
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: Sometime in April 1997
Trainer ID: -
Home: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh
Pokéform: Sneasel
Starter: Empoleon

Crewe (real name Helen Delmont) is a young trainer from Sinnoh. She is a Soul of Silver, can turn into a Sneasel using an enchanted Moon Stone, a founding member of the J-Team, and is the Chosen One of Rayquaza, which led to her founding the Rayquaza Corps. She is also the superhero Shieldmaiden.


Crewe is short and scrawny, standing at about 5'2". She has long, bushy brown hair that is usually pulled back in a ponytail that can't quite contain all her hair. Her eyes are a dark reddish color, like a Sneasel's. She has extensive scarring on her torso and arms from a fight with Tagg during Orre while she was a Shadow. She hides this by always wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and her Rayquaza Corps emerald scarf. She keeps her Moon Stone pendant around her neck at all times.


Crewe spent most of her childhood living in Twinleaf Town. Her father was a retired Trainer who spent his time researching wild Pokemon as a hobby, having released his team after marrying Crewe's mother, who had an intense dislike for Pokemon. Crewe was friends with a young boy named Roy, but otherwise was not very social. When she was young, her father was killed while studying a pack of Houndoom. Not long after, she and Roy both got their first Pokemon; a Piplup and Chimchar, respectively. Her mother forbade her from going on a Pokemon journey, and Roy left without.

At eleven years old, Crewe ran away from home with her Piplup to become a Trainer anyway. She became a skilled battler and caught a very large amount of Pokemon, beating the Leagues of several regions. She joined the J-Team before they were the J-Team, when they went to Unova to fight 'M.

The Sneasel thing

During the Hoenn arc, it was revealed that Crewe was actually born a Sneasel (named Glint), and Mew changed her into a human to save her life, as her parents were dead and her bad vision would almost surely have killed her. While initially she took this very badly, she has since mostly come to terms with it. She keeps her Sneasel heritage a secret (though is not always very good at keeping it a secret), but shares it with everyone in the J-Team. She found an enchanted Moon Stone during the Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur arc that allows her to switch between the two forms at will; previously, she'd made a deal with Mew that allowed her to switch between the two, but required moonlight.

Crewe has three living siblings, two brothers named Biton and Martin and a sister named Morana. Biton in particular is not fond of Crewe's decision to live as a human (especially having a human boyfriend), and the two tend to bicker whenever they're around each other. Nevertheless, Crewe is fairly close with her siblings. The J-Team once spent Christmas at the Sneasels' cave, along with their neighbors.

Pokemon Troubles

Crewe has consistently had trouble connecting with a team of Pokemon. Early on, she saw them mostly as a means of winning battles, and later she saw herself as unfit to care for Pokemon.

In particular, Crewe had a strained relationship with her Zoroark, Hecate. During the GC arc, when Hecate's insubordination caused Crewe to be eliminated from the tournament, she had and Hecate got in a fight. This ultimately resulted in Crewe bringing all her Pokemon together after the AU arc and giving them the choice to either stay with her as her Pokemon or be released wherever in the world they wanted to go. Roughly half of them said they wanted to leave, including two members of her original Sinnoh team, Golem and Crobat. In particular, Ashes the Typhlosion, who had been a replacement for her original starter from Johto, chose to leave. Crewe gave her a new name (Corona) before she left, apologizing for not treating her as her own mon. Corona at some point joined the team of another Trainer and became Victoria. Crewe and Victoria met again in Kalos, resulting in Crewe having a guilty breakdown.

Later on, after Mew had revealed to the group that Crewe was born a Sneasel, she met the rest of her team, who had been missing for most of the arc. In a fit of rage, she disowned and released all of them. They eventually either left entirely or went to stay with Wolf. She later apologized to Skywalker the Salamence, but has had very little contact with the rest of them since.

Afterwards, Crewe attempted to form a new team more than once, but could never handle it. Eventually she ended up releasing her mons or leaving them in the care of others. The one exception is Clockwise the Noctowl.

Aside from releasing her Pokemon, Crewe has also had several of her Pokemon die. One of the members of her original team, Houndoom, was accidentally killed long before Crewe met the team when her mother threw a rock and hit him. In addition to Houndoom, Crewe's entire original Johto team (Ashes the Quilava, Lydia the Flaaffy, Arrow the Pidgeotto, Buddy the Sudowoodo, Hermes the Furret, and Dennis the Drowzee) were killed by a Voltorb when she accidentally found the Team Rocket base in Mahogany Town. She later went through the Johto league again, getting another Cyndaquil and naming it after Ashes.

All of these troubles with her Pokemon have left Crewe with an incredible amount of guilt that she constantly struggles with.


Crewe is extremely loyal to and protective of everyone she considers her "pack". Unfortunately, as she is not a very good judge of character, this can also include less-than-savory characters. She is aggressive and has a tendency to show affection via violence, especially with her friends like Lucius and Vierr. She is also rather scatterbrained and acts like a moron most of the time, including doing such things as sharing her most closely-guarded secret with the leader of the Illusion Project. That said, she is fairly good in a crisis and is pretty good at coming up with winning strategies. She startles easily and is prone to whipping out a weapon (she has several, though her signatures would be her slingshot or the Razor Fang knife Titan gave her) when surprised. In general, she is a person of action--she is always ready for a fight and can handle herself well when she's in one, but is an idiot and gets bored easily outside of one. She revels in adventure, especially when it's adventure for the greater good--she loves being someone who fights evil.

Despite this, Crewe is very insecure. She has low self-esteem and massive guilt from not only her history of trouble with Pokemon but her time as a Shadow Pokemon in Orre. In addition to this, while being aggressive and violent, she is terrified of actually hurting someone, which had resulted in her Obscuric abilities limiting themselves to defensive shields. She is very dependent on her boyfriend, Straw, for mental and emotional support.


Currently, Crewe has one Pokemon that she uses to battle: Clockwise the Noctowl. Besides Clockwise, Chad the Xatu is her partner as head of the Rayquaza Corps. Flashlight the Helioptile regards her as a surrogate mother. He and Dapper, Seamstresses's Swadloon son, live at the Sky Pillar under the watch of the Pokemon living there. Henry the Eevee and Thistle the male Nidoran live at the Sneasel cave with Crewe's siblings. Beedrill the Fan Rotom is Clockwise's best friend and occasionally spends time with Crewe, but is usually off doing his own thing.

Obscura Abilities

Crewe can use Dark-type Obscura. She first discovered her aptitude for it after watching Lina entertain people using Obscura when the group was at the Sneasel cave for Christmas. Initially, she was next to useless with it--her attempts at making projectiles and the like tended to explode in her face. However, after fighting off the Froslass Isolde in Mt. Ohmeg, Holon, Crewe discovered her shield ability, which allows her to make barriers that absorb Special attacks.

Crewe's Obscura is mostly fueled by her protective instinct. Before she was Shadowed, however, she also had the ability to make Obscura claws around her hands, fueled by aggression. After her experiences in Orre, she became so terrified of hurting someone that she was no longer able to make these claws, limiting her to only her shields.

Crewe teamed up with Ren to invent Obscura silk, made by Leavanny silk being woven through her shields to absorb the Obscura. Obscura silk, when fashioned into clothing, can absorb Special attacks like the shields, but also act as armor against physical attacks due to the properties of Leavanny silk. She got the idea from Tagg's suit of Leavanny silk that he wore when he fought her for the first time in Orre. She and Ren used making it as a form of therapy after Crewe was Purified and had trouble learning to control her Obscura again.

The two made a pair of gloves for several members of the J-Team. Crewe also has a shirt made of Obscura silk, and made her Shieldmaiden suit mostly out of the material.


  • Crewe is in a relationship with Straw.
  • Titan appears to see her as an adoptive daughter.
  • Amhlaidh/Jon is the ancestor of her adoptive father, and Crewe herself is the descendant of his Weavile, Kori.
  • Crewe is good friends with Lucius, and calls him "fruitcake".
  • She is also friends with Vierr, who she refers to as "Terrible McWizard" (or more commonly, just "Terrible").
  • She and Hunter have a friendly-enemy/rival-ish sort of relationship.
  • Crewe looks up to Tagg, and considers him as essentially an older brother.


  • Crewe's human form is based on what a potential child of her human parents would've looked like had they been able to have kids, so that people wouldn't ask questions about her birth.

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