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Elton's self-demonstrating page is here.

Elton is Kimberly Bond's Cinderace, and the sixth Pokemon she acquired on her journey, as well as the first one she acquired in the Galar region.

A picture of Elton as a Raboot, as done by SpaceyKori.


In his Pokemon form, Elton resembles a normal Cinderace, though in his Raboot form he had a perpetually cheerful expression rather than the aloof look that most Raboot have.

In his human form (Reggie Johnson, seen below), Elton has the appearance of a young 13-15 year old boy and is around the same height as Ian was before his growth spurt. He wears a red bandana on his head and has short white hair, along with round glasses and a black scarf around his neck. He wears a white T-shirt and red shorts, along with long white socks and red shoes. He also wears black braces on each of his forearms.

Personality and characteristics

While not as excitable or hyper as Dio is, Elton is still very much a cheerful, fun-loving, and outgoing Pokemon who focuses on the positives of a situation more often than not. He absolutely loves his Trainer and his fellow teammates, especially his partner and foil Freddie, and would do anything for them. Elton serves as a cheerleader for the rest of the team, and is always there to offer encouragement and advice to anyone, most notably Freddie. If Freddie is upset or nervous about something (which is usually almost always), Elton will be there to cheer him up. As was revealed during the Bond or Break game, the friendship between Elton and Freddie started way before Kim ever caught them. Freddie, similarly to Dio, had had an old Trainer, who abandoned him on the side of the road due to his smaller grippers. Elton, who was still a wild Scorbunny at the time, saw him on the side of the road, and proceeded to calm him down from a panic attack he was having before giving Freddie a piece of candy. The two have been inseperable ever since.

Elton is especially ready to give advice regarding battling; he was the first one to try to get Freddie to battle the day Kim caught Orwell, and tried to teach Dave Double Kick upon seeing that the Wooloo wasn't putting enough power behind the move. Elton is also very accepting of other Pokemon's quirks or differences: neither Dio's scar nor Freddie's smaller grippers made him like them any less, and Elton was also- notably- the first Pokemon on Kim's team to fully accept and admire Orwell's use of Newspeak, finding it weird, but in a good way. In battle, Elton is probably the most hot-blooded Pokemon on Kim's team besides Dio and Peechee, always raring to go and refusing to give up, even when things seem hopeless. Notably, during Kim's first Gym Battle against Milo, he continued to fight Milo's Eldegoss even when he was down to just 14 HP, knocking the Eldegoss out with a Max Knuckle and in the process evolving into a Raboot- while still Dynamaxed. Later on, during Circhester, the same thing happened (minus the Dynamax) that allowed for Elton to evolve into a Cinderace and knock out Melony's Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan with his newly-learned Pyro Ball move.

As a Raboot, his personality didn't change all that much, and he was still as cheerful as ever, which put him at odds with the vast majority of the rest of the members of his species, who are very much known for their aloofness. Upon seeing that Kaylan, Dalt, Orwell, and Peechee had all evolved into a Grotle, Boltund, Crawdaunt, and Kingler respectively, he absolutely lost it and congratulated every single one of them profusely. Later on, while watching Ian's battle against Daisuke, Elton cheered for Ian the entire time, and remained optimistic even as things looked relatively bleak. Upon Elton's evolution into a Cinderace, he continued to keep his enthusiastic demeanor, often cheering his friends on during battles and happily participating in their adventures. Notably, he was especially happy when Freddie finally evolved into an Inteleon during the battle against Marnie, and started eagerly jumping up into the air.

The Bond or Break game also revealed that Elton has a massive love of game shows, which is supported by his love of playing the Newspeak game. He was also present during Braker's impromptu Bond or Break game in the Wild Area, and has expressed an interest in watching Gamecube (the WAAPT equivalent of the HBO series Crashbox). According to Goldenheart388, Elton is also a binge watcher of Only Connect. He's also very much willing to join in on things that he considers to be fun; he was not only the most excited about getting to play Bond or Break on an actual stage, but also was the first member of Kimberly Bond's team besides Dio or Freddie to switch over to having a typing quirk on Hasslemon, and actively encouraged the others to do so. However, despite his extremely optimistic view on life, Elton cares very much about his friends and is prone to anger whenever someone hurts one of them, particularly Freddie. This was most notably shown during the Spikemuth Battle, where he became so furious by Marnie's Liepard calling Freddie a "cripple" that he dropped his typing quirk in a message angrily demanding to know who it was-- something that Geddy picked up on almost immediately.

Due to the fact that he was the first one to fully understand Orwell, Elton has a very close relationship with him, and is willing to protect him from just about anything. Elton and Orwell both went to the opening ceremony in Motostoke together, and Orwell and Elton fully supported each other's evolutions into a Raboot and Crawdaunt respectively. Most notably, however, Elton enjoys playing the Newspeak game with Orwell- a game in which Orwell states the Newspeak name of a Pokemon (for example: "firefoxpoke") and Elton has to guess what Pokemon he is referring to {in this case, the answer is Vulpix; Ninetales is "fireninetailfoxpoke"- later "firekitsunepoke"- and the Fennekin line are "firefennecpoke," "firefennecbranchpoke", and "firethinkwitchfoxpoke," respectively). Elton's adoration of Newspeak and of Orwell's quirk is such that when Elton first heard Orwell speak regular standard English for the first time after the latter's evolution, Elton was so shocked that he thought Orwell was sick and became extremely concerned about him. His relationship with Orwell extends beyond the latter's use of Newspeak, however; Elton is also fully willing to help comfort Orwell through any of his personal problems; presumably due to his relationship with Freddie. He was the first of Kim's team members to comfort Orwell when, post-evolution, he believed he had become evil as a result of him now being part Dark-type, assuring him that no matter what he was still the same Pokemon he was when he was a Corphish, and that Elton would always be his friend regardless.

Elton has a thick Cockney-style British accent.

Kim's personality file on him reads as follows:


A picture of Elton and Freddie, as done by SilentSongbird.


Before being caught by Kimberly Bond, Elton was a wild Scorbunny who traveled the Galar region in search of people and Pokemon he wanted to make happy. While on his travels, he came across a sad, panicking Sobble on the side of the road and went over to go and comfort him. He quickly realized that the Sobble was having a panic attack and proceeded to calm him down and give him a piece of candy. After the Sobble calmed down, he took the piece of candy and explained that he had had an old Trainer who had abandoned him for having smaller grippers than a regular Sobble had. Immediately sympathizing with his plight, Elton invited the Sobble to come and travel the world with him and promised him that he would help him become more confident. The grateful Sobble- who would later be named Freddie- obliged, sparking the duo's lifelong friendship. Elton's experiences with the abused Sobble ultimately led him to become more outspoken about abuse, and later on he would become friends with Dio, Orwell, and Ringo after joining Kim's team.


  • Met: Postwick Town, Umbra and Amaterasu's Wedding
  • Birthday: March 25th (shared with his namesake)
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Favorite Move: Pyro Ball
  • Nature: Jolly
  • Characteristic: Likes to fight
  • Ball: Poke
  • Likes: His Trainer, his friends, Freddie, Orwell, Ian, traveling the world, seeing new places, making other peoplemons happy, seeing Freddie happy, battling, helping others, giving battling advice, having fun, watching game shows, playing the Newspeak game with Orwell, the music of Elton John, the music of Queen, any bands that were influenced by either artist, singing, the game shows Only Connect and Gamecube (Crashbox)
  • Dislikes: Seeing Freddie sad, seeing peoplemons sad, seeing Freddie having a panic attack, seeing his Trainer and friends get hurt, Jigsaw, not getting to watch Only Connect, anyone insulting or mocking Freddie due to his ectrodactyly
  • Evolves in: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=12971269370a74820100&page=22698, https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=12971269370a74820100&page=22999#574967
  • Hasslemon typing quirk: Every ins+ance of +he le++er "T" is replaced by a plus sign; +o reflec+ El+on's rela+ively posi+ive ou+look on life. +his also applies +o +he word "plus (+)" i+self, as well as any word con+aining i+, such as +he Newspeak words "+good" and "double+good".
A prospective fullbody Elton gijinka, as done by Goldenheart388.

Known Moves

  • TypeFire.gif Ember, Flame Charge, Pyro Ball
  • TypeFighting.gif Double Kick, Counter


  • Elton was named after musician Elton John, due to the fact that he is a foil to Freddie the Drizzile, who was named for Freddie Mercury; John and Mercury were two of the biggest gay rock stars of the 1970's and 1980's, and their respective biopic films, Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody, were released within a year of each other.
  • Elton's chat handle is rocketbun, a pun on his namesake's hit song "Rocketman." His Hasslemon handle, according to Goldenheart388 is ecstaticLagomorph (EL).
  • According to Goldenheart388, Elton's character theme is "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again" by Elton John and Taron Egerton, his Broadway character theme is "Consider Yourself" from Oliver!, and his headcanon speaking voice, as a Scorbunny, Raboot and Cinderace, is Tom Holland. His headcanon singing voice for all three forms, however, is Taron Egerton, who played Elton John in the movie musical biopic film Rocketman.
  • While Elton's human form has not yet been seen on screen, his human name, according to Goldenheart388, is Reggie Johnson. "Reggie" derives from Elton John's birth name, Reginald Dwight, while "Johnson" derives from Elton John.
  • Elton's birthday, March 25th, is shared with that of his namesake Elton John. This holds true for all mons on Kimberly Bond's team save for Orwell, Peechee, and Boseman.
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