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Name: Kimberly Bond
Nickname: Kim
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Age: 23
Height: 6'00"
Ethnicity: Unovan
Birthday: 12/21/1998
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: 43347
Home: Striaton City
Pokéform: Popplio (subject to change)
Starter: Paul
Status: Alive


Kimberly Bond is a 6'00" female Unovan with long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears a lab coat-- a leftover from her job as a linguistic teacher/consultant in the Striaton City Trainer's School-- along with a white undershirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. On said lab coat is a 2112 pin, representing her love and adoration for the prog rock band [1]. She carries a purse that contains all of her things, among them her notebook, her multitude of Poke Balls, her cell phone, her cell phone charger, and plenty of albums from a multitude of artists and bands.


Kimberly Bond was born and raised in Striaton City and grew up with two main passions: music-- specifically the prog band Rush-- and linguistics, the latter of which came about as a result of her having grown up with language-loving parents. At the age of 19, she got a job as a linguistic consultant and teacher at the Striaton City Trainer's School, along with her first Pokemon-- a Caterpie which she named Paul, after Paul McCartney of the Beatles. She eventually decided to go off on her own Pokemon journey and decided to pursue Monese when Paul evolved into a Butterfree and Kim realized she couldn't understand him. After gaining the ability to understand Pokemon (see "History" below); she gave up her studies for herself and now seeks to teach other people Monese as well as teach herself the Japanese language.


In a word, Kim is... odd-- or, at the very least, that's how she may come across to other people. For the most part, she is stoic, serious, and treats everybody-- even other members of the J-Team and her closest friends-- like colleagues. She refers to people by their last name (unless they're Ian or someone whose last name she doesn't know), she is very insistent in regards to pronunciation, and she will often analyze everything around her in the heat of battle. That being said, however, she does have a soft spot for cute Pokemon, and can get excited by certain things-- she absolutely lost it the first time she turned into a Pokemon, and was ecstatic upon watching Sinatra evolve. Kim is very studious, and will take every opportunity she can to learn something about languages, music, or otherwise. She has a notebook which she keeps with her at all times. Despite her overtly serious nature, however, she gets along well with Ian and Colton-- and she idolizes the latter, though not to the point of overt excitability. She is also extremely polite and believes first impressions are everything, to the point of profusely apologizing if she believes she has made a bad first impression. Whenever she catches a new Pokemon, Kim will write a personality file about said Pokemon, so as to get a better idea of what they are like. In battle, she prefers to use status moves before anything else, though will use physical moves if absolutely necessary. In regards to her Pokemon, Kim absolutely loves them and treats them with all the respect and affection that they so deserve. All in all, she's a mess of contradictions- and fully aware of it.



In her quest to learn the Monese language, Kim decided to go to Viridian City, where she stumbled upon the Stormchaser airship and met Alexa Vogel-- her first interaction as a member of the J-Team-- along with Ian, whom she met shortly after getting a room on board the ship. Her and Ian quickly became fast friends due to the latter's love of the Japanese language and his willingness to help her learn Monese. That desire led her to Curtis Shunner- AKA Helmsman- which in turn led her to Kamui (then Amaterasu), who promptly gave her a choker that transformed her into her Pokeform-- a Popplio. Upon seeing her new form, Kim was ecstatic- perhaps too ecstatic, as her sudden realization combined with her gushing idolization of her J-Team idol Colton Kendall Rever-- AKA the author of the Prax Obscura, AKA one of Kim's favorite books of all time-- led to Kamui being somewhat blindsided. In turn, Kim quickly got disheartened, believing she had made a bad first impression, and went to go apologize; when she actually met Colton, she was much less excitable until she was forgiven by both him and Kamui.

After learning Monese and meeting Colton for the first time, Kim was unsure of what to do next, until she learned of the J-Team's defeat of Eternatus and- more importantly- of the Battle of the Bands. From there, she decided to capture a bunch of Pokemon in order to gain more team members for the Battle, and soon caught her first Pokemon in the form of a charismatic and snarky Sentret which she named Sinatra. From there, she caught an exciteable yet sensitive Gligar which she named Dio and a gluttonous Turtwig which she named Kaylan. Wanting to battle more with Kaylan, she went to Alola and entered a Battle Royale-- during which Evelyn's new Chimchar Hanuman activated Blaze. Terrified, Kim called on Sinatra to calm him down-- which he did in spectacular fashion, performing "My Way" by his namesake and evolving into a Furret in the process. Kim was absolutely ecstatic by this, having gained her first evolution, and subsequently traveled to the Alola region where she gained her last Pokemon of the "original five", a kindhearted, modest Popplio which she named Geddy. From there, she got news of the wedding between Umbra and Amaterasu that would be taking place in Postwick, and subsequently used that as an opportunity to travel to the Galar region and catch a ton of Pokemon.

Galar, Part 1

At the wedding, Kim ran into a cheerful, battle-loving Scorbunny and his partner, an exceedingly panicky Sobble who believed that the phrase "taking someone as their lawfully wedded wife/husband" meant kidnapping. She caught both of them, gaining her first Galar mons in the process. The Scorbunny was named Elton and the Sobble was named Freddie. Soon after the wedding ended, she traveled to the Wild Area and caught her next Pokemon- a Newspeak-speaking Corphish named Orwell (making him the first Pokemon on Kim's team to not be named after a musician). The day before Orwell's capture, Kim used a Razor Fang she had gotten in Sinnoh to evolve Dio into a Gliscor. From there, a lot of things would happen to Kim- namely the death of Neil Peart of RUSH, which led to the group meeting with a philosophical yet mellow Quagsire. Said Quagsire followed Kim to the Battle of the Bands, and after a brief panic attack after experiencing Colton's Legendary Facepalm for the first time, Kim caught the Quagsire and named him Joel. By now, Kim had caught nine Pokemon, and this would be her team throughout the first round of the Battle of the Bands and the opening ceremony in Motostoke, which was happening at around the same time. Kim's band, New Dawn's Dreamers, put up a great fight against Colton's band Shadow Cast, but Kim would ultimately forfeit the first round after realizing there was no way her team could possibly top Kamui's rendition of Tool's "Jambi".

From there, her Gym Challenge would officially begin, but before going to face Milo in Turffield, Kim headed on to Route 5 and caught two more Pokemon in the process. The first was a slightly profane, strong, yet pacifistic Wooloo, and the second was a Rookiedee with a level of intelligence, strategy, and stoicness only matched by Kimberly Bond herself. Kim caught both of these Pokemon, bringing her total to eleven, and named the Wooloo Dave and the Rookiedee Ozzy. From there, she took her first Gym Challenge in Turffield against Milo. During the Gym Puzzle, she used a hyperactive Yamper to herd the Wooloo, and the Yamper became so attached to Kim that he followed her to the Gym Battle. During said Gym Battle, Ozzy used a Hone Claws/Power Trip strategy to knock out Milo's Gossifleur, but it was what happened against Milo's Eldegoss that was truly spectacular. Kim Dynamaxed her Scorbunny Elton, and after a long hard fight, he was hit by a critical hit Max Strike, lowering him down to just 14 HP. Refusing to give up, Elton challenged the Eldegoss, and proceeded to knock him out with a Max Knuckle. In the process, he evolved into a Raboot while still Dynamaxed, amazing Kim, Milo, Ian, and Evelyn and ultimately giving Kim the win and the Grass Badge. After the battle was over, Kim noticed the Yamper that had followed her and invited him to join her team, which he gladly accepted. She named him Dalt- her 12th Pokemon.

After the Gym Battle, a few April Fools' Day shenanigans occurred, during which Evelyn and Ian temporarily went their separate ways in order for Evelyn to shake off the effects of hypnosis. Shortly after this event occurred, Kim decided to go off on her own for a little bit herself, and soon took all of her Pokemon to another dimension known as Ikoria for a vacation, along with Gale Knight and Des. She found that in Ikoria, mutant Pokemon attacked the area and Pokemon Trainers (or "Bonders") were not looked on very fondly. Deciding to find a city, she sent out Ozzy- and when he did find the city, he was stunned to find that the giant mutant Pokemon were attacking the city and hurting innocent people. Refusing to let innocents die, Ozzy spread his wings out in front of the city, fought off the mutant Pokemon, and raised giant Protect barriers- all while being a tiny 8-inch Rookiedee. Mere moments later, he saw Kim heading towards the city- and, refusing to let her get hurt, evolved into a Corvisquire to protect her. Kim missed the event, but was still very proud of Ozzy for having evolved and for protecting thousands of innocent people.

Kim, Des, and Gale proceeded to do some more exploration of Ikoria- during which Geddy gained more experience- and after her travels, Kim decided to return to the Wild Area once again. While there, she ran into an Abomasnow den which also had Colton in it, and Kim used Kaylan against the Abomasnow. With a combination of Sunny Day and Iron Tail the Abomasnow was quickly defeated, and Kim picked up a Leaf Storm TR which she gave to Kaylan. After the battle with the Abomasnow, Kim left the den-- only to run into a Hatterene carrying a knife chasing around a fellow J-Teamer. Not willing to let her die, Kim sent out Dave-- but Dave didn't have to do anything, as mere moments later, the Hatterene was knocked out by a Guillotine from a bloodthirsty Krabby. A seemingly bloodthirsty Krabby, it turned out, as shortly after the battle, said Krabby- who spoke fluent Nadsat- revealed himself to be rather goofy and fond of cookies when he wasn't grinding opponents to dust. Impressed, Kim decided to catch the Krabby and named him Peechee- from "peecheen," his Nadsat word for "cookie" (Peechee was a Krabby, after all).

Galar, Part 2

After Peechee's capture, Kim trained with Peechee, Kaylan and Dalt for three days before she figured she had enough training and decided to reunite with Ian and Evelyn- and in the process, take on the Hulbury Gym. When she got there, she saw that Ian and Evelyn were already about to battle, and after watching said battle and reuniting with the two of them, Kim went into the Gym to take on Nessa herself. She completed the Gym Puzzle with a combination of Joel's Water Absorb ability, Ozzy's line of sight, and her affiliation for patterns, and the subsequent Gym Battle featured Joel beating Nessa's Toxapex into the ground with a combination of Yawn and Earthquake, Dalt defeating Nessa's Gigantimax Drednaw in two hits, and a double evolution. Against Nessa's Golisopod, Kaylan put up a good fight, but a few Swords Dances led to the Golisopod's Shadow Claw critting Kaylan and leaving him with 7 HP. Dalt, who was watching the fight, didn't want to see Kaylan get hurt, and just as the Golisopod was about to knock Kaylan out, both Kaylan and Dalt found a surge of power and simultaneously evolved into a Grotle and Boltund, respectively. Armed with a new form and a higher boost in power, Kaylan proved to be too much for the Golisopod, who gave up and let Kaylan knock him out with Leaf Storm, earning Kim her second Gym Badge and the TM for Whirlpool.

Shortly after Kim's Gym Battle and the double evolution, a short lesson in the Japanese language occurred between Dalt, Kaylan, and Ian's Froslass Yuki. During said lesson, Kim went outside to the Wild Area and caught a pacifistic, calm, lax Drednaw, who she named Gallag. Mere moments later, she got terrible news- her father, David Bond, was in the hospital after being mauled by a Krookodile. Terrified, she, Orwell, Peechee, Ian, and Evelyn all went to the hospital in Striaton City in Unova, and while there, Peechee noticed that Orwell believed battles to be torture. Wanting to get revenge on the Krookodile who mauled Kim's father, he decided to teach Orwell to become more comfortable with battling, and while Orwell did discover that he could use certain moves such as Protect and Bubble Beam, his fear never truly subsided. Eventually, it all came to a head when both Orwell and Peechee found the said Krookodile who mauled David, and both of them- though mostly Peechee- proceeded to beat the Krookodile to the point of fainting. In the process, Orwell learned Night Slash and, more importantly, evolved into a Crawdaunt- something that he had wanted to happen to him for a long time. The Krookodile was ultimately defeated, and just after Peechee brought the Krookodile down with Guillotine, he, too, evolved- into a Kingler, much to both his and Orwell's delight.

Delighted by the number of evolutions that had occurred that day, Kim went to the Wild Area, where she introduced Geddy, Sinatra, and Elton to Kaylan and Dalt's new form-- and to Peechee. Additionally, Geddy trained for Motostoke by learning two new moves- Ice Beam and Aqua Jet. Most importantly, however, she caught Gilmour-- a very mysterious Galarian Corsola who reportedly had visions of his own death, and was desperate to spend his supposed last days with a group of Pokemon who cared about him. From there, Kim decided to research the Legendary Pokemon of the Galar region in the Slumbering Weald, and used it as an opportunity to give Freddie more training prior to Motostoke, bringing Geddy and Elton along to comfort him. Once they got to the Slumbering Weald, Kim and her mons met and ran into a Trainer who would ultimately end up becoming a good friend of theirs- Hoops. Kim gave them a Sliding Scale Choker, allowing them to understand their Pokemon, before she, Elton, Geddy, Freddie, Ian, Evelyn, and Gail Firien all entered the Slumbering Weald. The Legendary Pokemon, however, decided to have a bit of fun that day, and put Kim and the rest of the group through a series of Silly Cobra-based trials, a killer Scorbunny among them. After the shenanigans in the Weald ended, it was off to Motostoke, where Kim, Hoops, Ian and Evelyn all had Gym Battles. In the midst of Ian and Evelyn's Gym Battle, Hoops had a panic attack after seeing Kabu's Gigantimax Centiskorch, causing Geddy to take them outside and comfort them. This action impressed Kim, and as a reward, Geddy was given both a Sliding Scale Choker and his iconic red-lensed glasses. After Hoops' victory, Kim met Pirika from outside of the stadium, before Kim's battle against Kabu began.

During the Gym Puzzle of said battle, Kim used Peechee to knock out every Pokemon there, while all the while a Litwick watched from the sidelines, admiring Peechee's strength. Just like Dalt had before, the Litwick followed Kim into the stadium without her knowing and proceeded to watch her Gym Battle. During it, Geddy put Arcanine to sleep and then proceeded to freeze him, causing Geddy to have a bit of a crisis. He promptly asked Kim if she could send out Peechee to strike the final blow, to which Kim obliged. Freddie, watching the whole time, was so moved by Geddy's display of nobility that he burst into tears on the spot, and soon enough, both he and Geddy were moved to evolve into a Drizzile (albiet one that still retained chameleon grippers, much to his dismay and fear) and Brionne respectively. Peechee then took out Arcanine, before Freddie, in a sudden display of bravery, volunteered to battle Kabu's Ninetales. During said battle, he ended up using Safeguard, and thanks to a combination of a Safeguard strategy and a Water Pulse, he defeated the Ninetales. The final battle was Peechee vs. Gigantamax Centiskorch, during which Peechee himself revealed he was capable of Gigantamaxing. While at first it seemed like the Gigantamax Centiskorch had the upper hand, Peechee ultimately won via a Guillotine after both mons returned back to their regular forms, earning Kim the Fire Badge. Afterwards, the Litwick that had been watching the battle complimented Kim on her Pokemon's strength and requested to join Kim's team, which Kim accepted. Kim caught the Litwick and named him Boseman, after Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played Ebony Liepard. After Boseman's capture, Kim watched Hoops take on Ori- and subsequently lose- before Hoops left to get stronger. After the Motostoke stuff happened, it was Halloween party time, and after being immersed into a spooky house game, Kim went to a Halloween party. During the party, she met, for the first time, one Vincent Atrear- someone who, later on down the line, would change her life, both for better and worse.

After the Halloween party stuff, Kim did a bit of traveling on her own time, and also took on Malacostra on Christmas Day at Orochi Plaza with help from Ozzy, Gilmour, and Peechee. The next big event of her life would happen on New Year's Eve, during which she had a NYE party and battle with Ian that ultimately ended with Ian winning and Dio going through a bit of a depressive state. Said depressive state, however, quickly faded when the New Year Countdown occurred. At the end of the countdown, Gilmour had a vision of his apparent demise, and revealed to everyone that he would supposedly die in Stow-on-Side during Kim's Gym Battle against Allister. This shocked everyone, but they vowed to make his "last" year a memorable one. In an effort to try to reach out, Kim sent a New Year's Eve text to Kendall and his team wishing him a happy new year-- only for Kendall to block her, something she wouldn't see until three months later. During the three-month span, she headed en route to Stow-on-Side, and on Route 7, three big events of note happened. The first was that Dave evolved into a Dubwool after tackling down a bunch of trees, the second was that Kim caught a mischievous prankster of a Galarian Zigzagoon which she ended up naming Jagger, and the third was that shortly afterwards Jagger attracted the attention of a rowdy, hasty, and rebellious Toxel who proceeded to perform "Rock the Casbah" to the group. Said Toxel was ultimately caught by Kim and nicknamed Strummer, and quickly formed a friendship with Jagger. After the new mons were introduced, Kim selected the mons she would use in the Stow-on-Side battle, and Dave shocked everyone by volunteering-- though of course he clarified that he wouldn't do any actual battling during the battle.

Persona Arc

From there, it was on to Stow-on-Side, and it was here that Kim's journey of self-discovery truly began. During the walk to the Gym, Kim pulled out her phone and discovered the three-month old block notification-- and a text from 9-Volt telling Kim that her job of a "lingual consultant" didn't exist. The two of them promptly had a conversation about Kim's relationship with- and incessance towards- Kendall, during which Kim realized that she enjoyed talking to 9-Volt and found him to be a fun conversation partner. These feelings increased further upon Kim realizing that 9-Volt was a Galvantula, AKA her kryptonite mon, after which she promptly squealed and called him a cute floofy angel before quickly realizing that this was the reason that Kendall had blocked her in the first place. In the stands of Stow-on-Side, while watching Ian and Evelyn go through their Gym Puzzle, Kim confessed to 9-Volt that the reason for her incessance was because she envied all of her friends-- Kendall, Ian, Evelyn, and so on-- for their powers, JP fluency, and the amount of adventures they'd gone on. She admitted that she'd been expecting more from her J-Team journeys-- more excitement and more adventures beyond just defeating silly threats in the Slumbering Weald. 9-Volt, in response, reassured her that she'd come out of it stronger, before telling her that she should take pride in what she has accomplished as a J-Team member. In the midst of the conversation with 9-Volt, Hoops arrived, and Kim promptly confessed to them what she had to 9-Volt, venting out all her frustrations in the process. Hoops reassured her that she could prove that she was just as strong as them even without psychic powers, darkness powers, or what have you. Kim agreed a bit, but still wasn't quite satisfied.

In the aftermath of her conversation with Hoops and 9-Volt, Kim watched as Ian and Evelyn beat Bea and Allister and earned the Ghost and Fighting Badges as a result, before heading in to take on Allister herself. She used Kaylan and Ozzy to complete the Gym Puzzle by having the former push her around in the teacups while the latter watched, before the battle with Allister began shortly afterwards. During said battle, three evolutions occurred-- against Allister's Galarian Yamask Gilmour's vision of his "demise" from NYE came to be- except that said demise was actually his evolution into a Cursola. Later on, against Allister's own Cursola, Jagger evolved into a Galarian Linoone, and even later, after Dave used riddles and paradoxes to confuse Allister's Gengar, Boseman emerged from his [=PokeBall=] to deliver the final blow before evolving into a Lampent. After the battle against Allister was finished and Kim recieved the Ghost Badge, she decided to head to The Wild Area in order to catch a Pokemon that was capable of Mega Evolution, since it was something she'd been interested in for a while now. She eventually found a Mareep that had been blown all the way to Galar from Floccessy Ranch in Unova. Desperate to get the Mareep home, Kim had Axon use Teleport to take her, the Mareep, her mons, Ian, Evelyn, and Hoops to Unova, where she was introduced to the Mareep's family and found out that his name was Grohl. Grohl expressed an interest in joining Kim's team, something that his parents and sibling approved of, and Grohl was ultimately caught. However, it was decided to head to Ballonlea to take on Bede first- and subsequently get Grohl to his final form of Ampharos- before getting an Ampharosite.

Once the group got to the tangle, three major events of note occurred. The first and second occurred when a Morgrem and a Galarian Ponyta began bullying Freddie and later, Hatty. Enraged, Kim sent out Strummer and Grohl against the bullies, and during the battle against them, Strummer and Grohl evolved into a Toxtricity and a Flaafy, respectively. The third event, meanwhile, was a bit of a battle game between Elton, Hatty, Piku-chan, and Kec. After the game had ended, the group headed over to Ballonlea and stayed at Evelyn's mother's house for the night before getting up the next day to go and take on Bede. Hoops went first, but lost to Bede, causing them to run off, gain a more powerful team, and give the rest of their mons to Kim later on down the line. After Hoops was Kim herself, who engaged in a lyric-chain based quiz game that she aced with flying colors before heading in to defeat Bede. During the battle, Grohl finally evolved into an Ampharos, Ozzy evolved into a Corviknight, and Peechee got revenge on Bede's Gardevoir for taking down Hoops by knocking her owt with a Guillotine. Ultimately, Kim won the battle and got the Fairy Badge, and then watched Ian and Evelyn beat Bede to the ground as well before finally deciding to head to Kalos to get her Ampharosite and play Bond or Break. Ian and Evelyn went with her, and Kim played the well-known voice distortion game with 9 of her Pokemon while Ian and Evelyn had their mons navigate them through a maze. They ultimately won their respective games and got an Ampharosite, an Alakazite, and a Gardevoir/Galladeite, and after the official Bond or Break game, Kim decided the game was so fun that she headed into the Wild Area to play the game again with the other 9 mons (excluding Grohl, who had just gotten the Mega Stone).

After both games of Bond or Break, it was finally time for the ultimate battle- Ian battling Daisuke for a chance to remain on the J-Team. Kim, Ian, and Evelyn headed to a train station on board for Wyndon Stadium-- but before they could get on said train both trainers noticed a mysterious eye-like symbol on their cell phones. Intrigued, they pressed the button, leaving Evelyn and Piku-chan behind, and were promptly teleported to the mysterious Metaverse. While there, they

Further Details


Starter: Paul, her Butterfree (though Kaylan, her Grotle, was her first "legitimate" starter Pokemon)

Pokeform: Popplio, though she is thinking of changing it

Likes: Her Pokemon, Ian, Evelyn, Colton, traveling, battles, languages, studying languages, translating languages, music, the band RUSH, her parents, efficiency, Galvantulas, hugging Galvantulas, petting Galvantulas

Dislikes: Bullies, anyone who dares hurt her Pokemon, anyone who dares hurt Ian, Evelyn, or Colton, making a bad first impression on people, making mistakes, the thought of rejection, the thought of death, heights


The Original Five


Galarian Newcomers



  • Excluding Orwell, Peechee, and Boseman, every single one of Kimberly Bond's Pokemon was named after a famous musician. In order of capture:
    • Paul the Butterfree is named after The Beatles' Paul McCartney, a pun on account of Paul being a Bug/Flying type. His human name, Judas McCartney, derives from the Beatles song "Hey Jude" and Paul McCartney. Likewise, John the Orbeetle, George the Centiskorch, and Ringo the Shiny Galvantula were all named, respectively, after John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, due to their typing.
    • Sinatra the Furret is named after Frank Sinatra, due to his love of his namesake's music and his snarky yet charismatic personality. His human name, Artanis "Art" Francis, comes from "Sinatra" spelled backwards, with the "Francis" part deriving from "Frank."
    • Dio the Gliscor is named after Ronnie James Dio and Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, due to him being a vampire bat Pokemon with an exciteable and emotional personality. His human name, Ronnie James Brando, is a combination of both of his namesakes.
    • Kaylan the Grotle is named after Howard Kaylan, lead singer of the Turtles.
    • Geddy the Brionne is named after Rush's Geddy Lee, due to his love of their music, his modest personality, and most notably the fact that Kim herself considers male Primarina to be the Pokemon equivalent of Geddy Lee. His human name, Dirk Weinreb, derives from "Dirk", a common nickname for Geddy Lee, and Lee's full name of Geddy Lee Weinreb.
    • Elton the Cinderace was named after Elton John on account of him being a foil to Freddie the Sobble (Freddie Mercury and Elton John were two of the biggest gay rock artists of the 1970's-1980's and had their respective biopic movies, Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, released within a year of each other).
    • Freddie the Inteleon was named after Freddie Mercury, due to Kim considering Inteleon to be his Pokemon equivalent as well as due to being a foil to Elton.
    • Joel the Quagsire was named after Billy Joel due to his love of his music and due to his mellow personality.
    • Dave the Dubwool was named after Dave King, lead singer of Flogging Molly, due to sheep frequently populating Ireland, where Dave King is from. He was also named on account of his headstrong and stubborn yet pacifistic personality.
    • Ozzy the Corviknight was named after Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer of Black Sabbath and the so-called "Prince of Metal", due to his Flying/Steel typing. His human name, Johnathon Sabbath, comes from Osbourne's real name- John Michael Osbourne- and Black Sabbath.
    • Dalt the Boltund was named after Roger Daltrey, lead singer of the Who, as an ode to their song "Dogs."
    • Gallag the Drednaw was named after the Gallagher brothers from Oasis, due to his staunch pacifism.
    • Gilmour the Cursola was named after David Gilmour, one of the lead singers of Pink Floyd, due to his ability to foresee visions and obsession with his own death and mortality; many of Pink Floyd's songs are psychedelic in nature and one of them ("Great Gig in the Sky") is explicitly about death. In addition, Gilmour's distinctive text coloration (alternating between gray and rainbow colors) is a reference to the cover of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album, which shows a white light shining through a prism and being refracted into rainbow colors; the white was changed to gray for the sake of visibility.
    • Jagger the Obstagoon was named after Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones, due to the Galarian Zigzagoon evolutionary line consistently having their tongues lolling out of their mouths, which is reminiscent of the famous "tongue and lips" logo of the Rolling Stones.
    • Strummer the Amped Toxtricity was named after Joe Strummer, lead singer of the Clash, due to his love of their music and due to his rebellious, anti-establishment personality; many of the Clash's songs were written as critiques against the government, and they are one of the most well-known British punk bands in the world.
    • Grohl the Ampharos was named after Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters and drummer of Nirvana. Originally, he was intended to be named "Cobain", after Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana and one of the members of the 27 Club, and would have been met in Unova, rather than merely being caught there.
    • Jinx the Mandibuzz was named after Jinx Dawson, lead singer of the rock band Coven, who were best known for their top 40 hit "One Tin Soldier" as well as being the band that introduced the "devil horns" into rock and roll.
  • Orwell and Peechee were respectively named after George Orwell (author of 1984, which debuted Newspeak) and "peecheen," the (invented) Nadsat word for "cookie" (on account of Peechee being a Kingler, whose anime cry sounds like "cookie cookie"). The word "peecheen" itself comes from the Russian word pechen'ye, meaning "cookie". Boseman, meanwhile, was named after actor Chadwick Boseman, best known for playing Black Panther, who tragically died in 2020 at the age of 42.
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