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The Stormchaser is an airship owned by the J-Team which was originally stolen from the Illusion Project after it was crashed and abandoned, before being further upgraded by the PEFE.


When going into combat, a single black flag containing a Pokémon font "J" is raised.


The Stormchaser's concealed armory includes but is not limited to:

  • Containment gel guns for taking down flying targets non-lethally
  • Swivel guns for precision aiming
  • Broadside cannons
  • Bottom-facing cannons


  • Max. Flight Altitude: An indeterminate point within the thermosphere. (/w vacuum-sealing upgrade obtained during Delta Episode)
  • Max. Occupancy: Unknown
  • Max. Speed: Unknown


  • The Stormchaser's name was voted for metawise before being implemented.