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The Illusion Project is a villainous team exclusive to WAAPT.


The Illusion Project was formed out of disgust at how the world has been tainted by so many bad, ugly, and stupid people and Pokémon, and wishes to fix this problem and change it into a "perfect" world. Their plan is to replace all of the planet's life with one universal species that lives without conflict by locating and controlling Mew to do so. However, only their leader, three of their five Admins, and a small portion of their lesser members actually actively pursue this goal.

Its leader, Echo Lingua, used to be an admin of Team Mobius, but broke ties with them and used their funds to create Illusion.


The default uniform for a member of the Illusion Project is a sleek silver formal suit and black shoes, for both male and female members. Their suit was specifically designed to be distinguishable without sticking out like a sore thumb in a crowd; they don't thrive on terror like most villainous teams do.

Admins, as well as their leader, are permitted to stray from the normal uniform.

Known Members





Basic Members:

The Illusion Project
Specialists: JulietWil
Members:AlyssaLinnéa and RayKyrieTerryTerriConstantinOdin