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Alyssa Calder is the fourth Player Character of Eskay64.


At age 3, Alyssa was separated from her parents by an electrical fire in a hotel in Olivine. She managed to escape, but just barely; she got severe burns on her back, as well as charred hair. Unfortunately, her parents had no such luck. After telling her to save herself, she ran away from the hotel and into the woods, where she met a Totodile: Rain.

For twelve years, she secluded herself in the wild, searching for wherever her real home was. During this time, she picked up on Monese - specifically, Monese as a speaking language. During the thirteenth year after her tragedy, she tried going back into society to become a Pokemon trainer... but soon found out she could barely converse with normal people enough to apply. After she did so, she immediately went back into the wild where she felt comfortable, staying out of society until she met the J-Team.


Alyssa is an unusually tall girl, reaching about 6'1". Her most significant feature is her incredibly long brown hair reaching all the way down to her knees, fading into a soot-black color the lower it reaches. Her face always has at least a faint blush, even when she's not stressed or embarrassed at all. She has bright blue-green eyes. On her back, hidden by her shirt and hair, are burn scars which, although have healed, are still slightly sensitive to touch even thirteen years later.

As of the Orre arc, she was most often wearing a loose, pale yellow sweater and a pink skirt. However, after joining the Illusion Project in Kalos, she has been wearing their uniform, a silver suit.


Alyssa was in a relationship with Jeff, but has since drifted apart from him emotionally due to their physical distance and separation. She has feelings remaining for Pentigan.

She is friends with Sakura, Hikari, Lyuri, Rawst, and several others that she met in Azalea.

She looks up to Arika like an older sister.

She is a Marlon fangirl.

She is Vierr's cousin.

In the AU

AU!Alyssa woke up the morning after Lavender Town's bombing, to discover she had become a Litwick. Due to her childhood tragedy, she believed this to be the universe's cruel joke on her, as well as thinking she had died to become one.

In the Otherverse

Other!Alyssa's fate thus far is unknown.

Other Details

  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: May 20, 1996
  • Ethnicity: Mestiza
  • Starter: Rain the Feraligatr♀ (Met as a Totodile)
  • Pokéform: Litwick
  • Favorite color: Green
  • Likes: Water, Pentigan, Jeff
  • Dislikes: Cities
  • Fears: Fire
  • Ties to an organization: Former Illusion Project member

Pokémon - OU



Diane, Skye, and Alyssa sleeping together. (Commission by gabbiestuff.)
Alyssa and Skye (left) sharing a kiss. (Commission by ticcytx.)
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