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Linnéa and Ray are former members of the Illusion Project who joined the J-Team around the time of its collapse.


As a child, Linnéa lived happily together with her parents, until her mother died. Linnéa's father later remarried, but unfortunately, his new wife hated everything that reminded her of Linnéa's mother. When her father wasn't around, Linnéa received a lot of verbal abuse from her stepmother. One day, she ran away from home, and while she was crying alone, a boy who resembled Linnéa walked up to her, and promised that he'd protect her, and be strong for her sake so she didn't have to. Her father later found her, and brought her home.

Linnéa often talked to the boy, who introduced himself as Ray, and would ask him questions about him to get to know him better. She was often surprised at the answers she received, and at discovering just how different he was from her. However, Linnéa's stepmother just got more frustrated with her, and when she started questioning Linnéa about who she kept talking to when there was no one around, something unexpected happened.

When Linnéa's stepmother was about to hit her, Ray suddenly intervened, telling Linnéa's stepmother that he wouldn't let her hurt Linnéa ever again. While Ray tried to protect Linnéa, an accident happened, setting their home on fire. Linnéa's father managed to make sure Ray made it out okay along with Linnéa, but presumably died while trying to save the stepmother as well.

Linnéa and Ray only had each other now, and Ray swore to look after Linnéa and keep her safe. However, when they ended up being taken to an orphanage, things got a bit complicated. While the faculty meant well and wanted to help, Ray got increasingly frustrated with how they and a doctor they'd brought in kept trying to "separate" him from Linnéa, and he eventually convinced Linnéa that it was best to run away if they wanted to stay together.

With the help of two Espurr they befriended, they managed to sneak away.

Eventually, Linnéa across Echo, who offered to let Linnéa stay at the Illusion HQ, allowing Ray to come along as well once Linnéa told her about him.


Linnéa has long red hair which she keeps loose, brown eyes and is usually wearing her female Illusion uniform.

Ray looks almost exactly like Linnéa, but wears the male uniform and has his hair tied in a ponytail.


Linnéa is generally cheerful, but doesn't like confrontation. She generally relies on Ray to handle things she's not strong enough to deal with on her own.

Ray, being her alternate personality who was originally created as a defense mechanism, is very protective of Linnéa, and wishes to keep his promise to be strong so she doesn't have to be, even if it means keeping Linnéa from becoming stronger as a person. Sometimes he wonders if he is really doing it for Linnéa's own good, or whether it's just because he fears he will no longer be needed and thus cease to exist should Linnéa gain that strength. Unlike Linnéa, he is perfectly aware that he is only a part of her, but doesn't like being reminded of it, and often wonders about the exact nature of his own existance, wondering if he only exists because of Linnéa's pain.


  • While they claim not to actually be related, they still seem to consider themselves brother and sister.
  • Linnéa seems to be making friends with Alyssa, and Ray seems to be trying to make friends with her as well, if only because it will make Linnéa happy, or because Alyssa reminds him a bit of Linnéa.


  • Ironically, while Ray doesn't want Linnéa to get stronger, the fact that he tends to work out a bit has probably given Linnéa quite a bit of physical strength.
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