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A universe which is Lighter And Softer than the OU.


  • Grings Kodai's Celebi plot occurred in Azalea as opposed to Crown City, leading Tangent to take the place of Rowena in this universe.
  • Basket landed in Goldenrod City, became a zoo denizen, and has three saplings fathered by Maekrite, who lives in the wild.
  • Tracer was the B/W protagonist, this universe's Unova taking solely after White and White 2.
  • Fool became a monotype Water trainer and still has both parents. She also goes by her birth name of Solana in this universe.
  • Tagg became leader of the PEFE.
  • Ellen is still alive, though Eskay still has a fear of Toxicroak.
  • Mezzo and Lily are in a relationship due to her changing her mind about Mezzo sooner.
  • Every is a Ghost monotyper.
  • Umbra and Lina are still together, and managed to meet earlier.
  • Eskay and Alli are Poison and Dragon monotypers respectively
  • Psyche was born in Ecruteak instead. She was beaten up by Tyrogue and raised by Abra, giving her a fear of the former, and the motifs of the latter. Ironically, though, she has yet to meet Eskay.