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The Entralink Arc or more properly the "Entralink Arc 3" is the arc that followed after the Alola Arc. The J-Team has to deal with some multiverse-level destabilization related to the Entralink.

General information: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13029586310A25120100&page=1322#33046

Major Events

  • The arc proper opens via the opening of a rift in the multiverse via an artificial Dragon Shout courtesy of Team Mobius.
  • Mobius attacks Lumiose to get at the J-Team.
  • Mobius frees Voyd from the Ultra Megalopolis.
  • The J-Team raids several Mobius Bases throughout the multiverse in a counterattack against Mobius.
  • Izaya usurps control of Mobius from Multiman, forcing him to ask the J-Team for help.
  • The J-Team and their allies raid the Final Shell and defeat The Fanatic, but Izaya gets sent away to another universe before he can be captured.


  • WAAPT's 7th and 8th anniversaries.
  • From a meta perspective, the arc also connects with the continuities of the Yangverse and the Suocéverse as well as potentially others.
  • Wider sections of the Multiverse are established.
  • The TTPAAWverse's purpose as a Glitch energy sponge is established.

Arc Information

Players Joining:

  • Halis (formerly GenericGeneral)
  • Temp/Routeferret
  • AnimeboyIanpower
  • RedneckPhoenix
  • JG
  • Etoile
  • Bellaco
  • OlympianSoul (Jess)
  • Parastrat
  • Aster
  • Mega
  • Atorasu
  • Stalkeyes
  • Arishipshape
  • Darknessdawn

Players Leaving:

  • List...


New Characters:

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