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Callum as he appears in the Noughts and Crosses Graphic Novel.
Name: Callum McGregor
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 16
Height: (not specified)
Ethnicity: Part Galarian, White Hoennian
Birthday: January 13th, 2003
Trainer ID: -
Home: Mauville City, Hoenn
Pokéform: Oshawott
Starter: Lynette

Callum is one of the secondary PCs of Temp/Routeferret. He is a Weremon.


Callum is shown to be most mature out of him and Sephy. A sort of Red Oni (Sephy) Blue Oni (Callum) situation.


Callum used to live in Mauville City with his girlfriend, Sephy. He comes from a lower class family. His mum was genuinely nice, but his brother and father were criminals and his sister commit suicide by walking into the path of a bus. Callum later escaped with Sephy to travel the regions, and that's what he still does now.

Entralink Arc

Callum makes his debut when he lets Sephy go on her first delivery with him. They later go out for lunch, when Callum has a delivery which he has to do by himself. This delivery turns out to be for Colin. On his way out of Colin's Outpost, some people stop him and they take him into a building where Callum is turned into a weremon. He didn't actually realise he became a weremon until after sundown, when he finds out he turned into an Oshawott.

Callum's Mon