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A Weremon is a natural human or Pokémon granted the ability to transform into either form without the usage of an Armband or similar transformation device. Two known types exist, those who can become either a Pokémon or human depending on species and with varying amounts of control, and a rarer mon-only type that transforms into another species of Pokémon.

Human to Pokémon Weremons

  • Blitz (Greninja)
  • Jason (Formerly, Infernape)
  • Sholto (Honchkrow, formerly, currently default Honchkrow)
  • Ren (Formerly, Fennekin and then Braixen)

Pokémon to Human Weremons

Pokémon to Pokémon Weremons

  • Abigail (Temporarily into a monstrous Piloswine)
  • Gogie (Mightyena to Charizard)