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Portrait of Gogie as both Mightyena and Human. (Commission by MousaThe14)

Gogie is a Mightyena and Sholto's starter, having been friends with him since around his birth. He has had several problems stem from a mix of trauma related to a Conkeldurr, some romantic mishaps, and being afraid of letting down his team by having betrayed them, though, since around 2014, he's gotten over making things worse with them, even if they're still sore spots. He's also wound up as a father or father figure to 3 of Sholto's team members. He gained the ability to turn into a Charizard in sunlight, but ended up curing himself at some point after, preferring to shift with Sholto's control.

General Info

Species: Mightyena

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Obtained: Lavender Town, Kanto (Poochyena)

Ball: Poké

Birthday: March 7th, 2004

First Appearance: Page 7511

Nature: Lonely

Ability: Quick Feet


Gogie is generally leader-like and generally tries to be in a good mood, despite a bit of a temper. He does brood at times, though. Has a bit of a mischievous side.



Pre Debut

Gogie was born in Lavender Town to a Mightyena mother and a Houndoom father. As he was growing up, he became friends with Crow and after a while, decided to become his starter. He helped Crow with catching his first Pokemon, a Haunter from Pokemon Tower. Upon attempting to leave on a Pokemon journey with, they were ambushed by a trainer named Jay and her Gurdurr, Herbert, who wanted to steal him. They managed to escape, but the event left Gogie not especially confident in battle for a while as well as especially afraid of Fighting-types. After about a year into the RP, though, he got enough confidence back to go on the journey again, eventually running into the team.






Gogie spent most of his time in Challenger's Cave here, spending some of the time practicing reading.


Johto Mini-Arc


Gogie's Team



Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeNormal.gif Giga Impact262Mini.png006Mini.png TM ★★★ Occasionally used for a finisher, most notably against Marshal's Conkeldurr
TypeNormal.gif Howl262Mini.png Natural ★★★★ Gogie's only buffing move. Used more frequently when stalling.
TypeNormal.gif Smokescreen006Mini.png Natural ★★ Used most often as a surprise tactic while a Charizard
TypeNormal.gif Swagger262Mini.png006Mini.png Natural ★★★★ Often used to power up opponents for Foul Play
TypeFire.gif Fire Fang262Mini.png006Mini.png Breeding ★★★★★ Gogie's first and favorite attack
TypeGround.gif Sand Attack262Mini.png Natural ★★★ Used most often as a surprise tactic while a Mightyena
TypeDark.gif Foul Play262Mini.png Tutor ★★★★ Gogie's second favorite attack. Used more frequently due to being more powerful than Fire Fang.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Gogie

TypeNormal.gif Confide, Double-Edge, Facade, Hyper Beam, Hyper Voice, Leer, Mimic, Odor Sleuth, Protect, Rage, Retaliate, Roar, Scary Face, Tackle, Take Down

TypeFire.gif Sunny Day

TypeWater.gif Rain Dance

TypeFighting.gif Counter

TypePoison.gif Toxic

TypeGround.gif Dig

TypeDark.gif Assurance, Bite, Crunch, Embargo, Snarl, Sucker Punch, Taunt, Thief

TypeSteel.gif Iron Tail

As a Charizard006Mini.png

Ability: Blaze

TypeNormal.gif Confide, Double-Edge, Facade, Growl, Hyper Beam, Mimic, Protect, Rage, Roar, Scary Face, Scratch, Swords Dance, Take Down, Whirlwind

TypeFire.gif Blast Burn, Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Pledge, Flamethrower, Overheat, Sunny Day

TypeFighting.gif Counter, Focus Blast, Power-Up Punch

TypePoison.gif Toxic

TypeGround.gif Bulldoze, Dig

TypeFlying.gif Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Roost

TypeRock.gif Rock Tomb

TypeGhost.gif Shadow Claw

TypeDragon.gif Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, Dragon Tail

TypeDark.gif Bite, Crunch, Fling, Hone Claws

TypeSteel.gif Iron Tail

Notable Possessions

  • A Dark Fang Sholto got from Kai
  • The following TMs:
    • TypeNormal.gif Double-Edge, Rage
    • TypeWater.gif Water Pulse
    • TypeFighting.gif Counter
    • TypeDark.gif Fling


  • Gogie is Trifka's nephew, though he was mistaken as her son by a Linoone.
  • As Sholto's starter, Gogie is generally loyal, though was mad at him for the incident with Jay.
  • Ghostus is Gogie's best friend on the team, though he does get on his nerves occasionally.
  • Mandrake considers Gogie an ideal hunting companion, much to his chagrin.
  • Gogie tries to be a good sorta father for Akim'bleer, Chirin, and Dawg.
  • Gogie is generally frightened of Fighting-types, especially Conkeldurr like Herbert, but tries to have a good relationship with those on his team despite this.
  • Gogie has a rivalry with Biton.
  • Gogie considers himself good friends with Bishop and was being taught how to read by him.
  • Gogie had an antagonistic relationship with Kirk while the group was in Holon. It is unknown what their relationship is now, though, as they have not spoken since he was released from Teacher's mind control.

Alternate Forms

Human: Enjoyed more for trainer stuff and interacting with humans, though not enough to want to bother anyone to go into it, usually.

Charizard: A bit more conspicuous, but fairly used to it at this point.




  • TypeNormal.gif Howl, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Tackle
  • TypeFire.gif Fire Fang
  • TypeGround.gif Sand-Attack
  • TypeDark.gif Bite



  • Gogie is bisexual with a male preference.
  • Has the name Kaisei Hiyama/火山海生 as a human/Charizard.
  • Gogie is not fond of the cold.


Portrait of Gogie. (Commission by autobottesla)
Portrait of Gogie's Charizard form. (Commission by Audrey Greenhalgh)
Portrait of Gogie's human form. (Commission by gabbiehstuff)
Sholto's Team
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