Jay Dartiri-McGuire

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Jay Dartiri-McGuire is a mysterious trainer who trains Pokemon with Egg Moves exclusively. She steals these Pokemon from their trainers so she can keep up this standard and satisfy her Conkeldurr's desire to show other Pokemon too much affection.

Jay ended up setting her sights on Gogie and stole Crewe's Moon Stone Pendant in order to get him. Crow battled against her for Gogie, but ended up losing, making Gogie lose his trust in Crow. When they met again, with a larger group of trainers, Jay was ruthless in trying to escape, attacking Crewe and Kai personally, abandoning the mons on her team after they had fainted, and threatening to smash Crewe's pendant. In the end, she was knocked unconscious and sent to jail.


  • Both Jay and Crow are descended from Sagi, to the latter's horror.
Jay's Team
On Hand : Herbert534Mini.pngStylus448Mini.png
Previously Owned : FeSO₄462Mini.pngGogie262Mini.pngPeter428Mini.pngTutu581Mini.pngFerkel326Mini.pngJaspers053Mini.png
As last seen in: Ecruteak City, Johto