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Silas is a straightforward and somewhat creepy individual that speaks mostly in monotone, he means well though.

Name: Silas Adam Grant
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Age: 24
Height: 5'11" (1.82 m)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: July 4th, 1995
Trainer ID: -
Home: Dendemille Town, Kalos
Pokéform: Lucario
Starter: Hacks


Silas stands at a decent height of 1.82 meters or 5'11", has pale skin, black hair, and blue eyes. He tends to wear blue overcoats with gray uniforms underneath, he has no notable scars despite every oddity he's seen by now. He tends to wear simple white masks with his outfits but has since just taken to showing his face. His hair tends to get long since he doesn't get it cut enough.

Lucario form him holds no special characteristics beyond a unusual similarity to his right hand pokemon Hacks, Mega-Form is likewise standard as well.


Silas is a oddity of a individual, he spends most of his time in a emotionless monotone, he has emotions but never properly seems to emote at all, unless driven by some form of intense emotion such as shock or excitement. He's somewhat self centered and only cares for those he deems important in his life, however he has a sense of right and wrong and if given the chance won't hesitate to try and help out even if he doesn't know someone. He's very much interested in space travel.


Silas grew up in Dendemille Town and had a ordinary childhood. He laughed, played, and learned with kids around him, during this time he also gained a Riolu, who eventually evolved into a Lucario and has stuck by Silas's side ever since. After Silas's 15th birthday he just stopped emoting and decided to finish up High School. After he finished, he spent a year studying and gaining new Pokemon, eventually moving out and onwards when the word of the J-Team hit, for the past 3 years he's been exploring and dispelling rumor from truth. Though as he's learned, truth is often stranger than fiction.

Most recently Silas has begun hunting down a Pokemon Hunter named Delta with Hazard, the two managed to torch one of his sites, but at the cost of Silas losing his arm. After a team-up with Diane though he has replaced the arm with a transformable prosthetic.

Silas's Team



  • Built his own Pokedex out of spare parts and called it the pDroid.
  • Joined Team Asimov and was one of the first humans on Mars.
  • Traveled to another Dimension and fought a Interplanetary War. Actively killing the evil emperor at the end.
  • Has managed to get a scan of a live Mew for his Pokedex.
  • Successfully rap battled
  • Achieved Mega-Evolution in mon form


  • Pokeballs
  • Standard Trainer Bag of Holding messenger bag.
  • pDroid
  • Phone
  • Blaster from the Foxverse
  • Green Armband based Scarf
  • Mega Ring and Lucarionite
  • Winter Soldier style Bionic Left Arm


  • Is on good terms with all of Team Asimov
  • Couldn't be closer to his own team, especially after learning Monese
  • Generally tries to get along with others but has no especially strong relationships, though does enjoy the company of Phaz, Sergey, Trainwreck, and Siobhan
  • Is fascinated by what goes on in Blitz's life but really doesn't know him well enough
  • Is amused by Megan's enthusiasm and considers her a friend


  • The name Silas is a extrapolation of his Player's Username, EchoingSilence, or Silence for short. Despite this the two are very differnet.
  • Silas's favorite Pokemon is the Lucario
  • He may insist otherwise but he doesn't mind his pokeform, he's pleased to at least be a Lucario.
  • Currently is using the Superhero title of "Jackal" having been named by Delta


Old design with old coat.
The man himself. Let him rest. Character Portrait by His player
Alternate outfit displaying new mask
His 2.0 Jackal outfit
The 3.0 Jackal outfit
Silas and Roxy and their superhero identities Jackal and Fox. Drawn by Daydre