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Starelion (or Star for short) is a Staraptor formerly trained by Daydre. Sometime between Daydre beginning her journey and Daydre meeting the J-team, Daydre released Star.

  • Age: 12 (born 2007)
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Intimidate
  • Name Basis: An actual in-game Staraptor Author!Daydre had in her first Pokemon game.
Daydre's Team
On Hand : Rowan038Mini.pngThe Punisher468Mini.pngSylvie282Mini.pngMr. Bitey303Mini.pngAzure730Mini.pngTabitha052aMini.png
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Released : Star398Mini.pngRyuko123Mini.pngSenketsu679Mini.png*
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As last seen in: Sinnoh 3

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
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