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Name: Victoria Thorne
Nickname: Tori
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Age: 21
Height: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Birthday: April 21, 1996
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: N/A
Home: Route 117, Hoenn
Pokéform: Rowlet
Starter: Strom
Status: Alive

She's... crazy! In kinda good sense, though. I mean, who's sane to tickle you and make both you and herself roll into a wall... just enough to make your friend tease with the... situation. You should keep her under the belt, though. What if she'll sent me far away with her pillow jutsu?!

-Eridanus summing up Tori's second appearance

Tori v1.png


Tori is a fun-loving free spirit who love to make a joke out of nearly anything. Although her preferred methods of showing affection include teasing or comical violence, she genuinely cares for her friends and does have sweet side.


Raised with Blitz at the Thorne family Daycare on Route 117, she spent most of her life there helping with various tasks. Has been planning to set out as a Pokemon trainer after Blitz returned from his vacation, but discovers going home is a little more complicated when your brother has fallen in with the J-team.

History in RP

First appeared in Kalos to accompany Blitz home to Hoenn.

Ended up going to the Ranger regions with Blitz due to shenanigans, and after meeting several members started following the J-team on their travels. In part to try and keep an eye on Blitz.

Spend most of the Hoenn arc alternating between visiting with her family, hanging out with the J-team and getting closer to Lane and Ignia. Received a Mind badge while helping Lane in a double gym battle with the Mossdeep leaders.

Was briefly kidnapped, along with Ignia, as part of a ploy to get Lane and Maria back under their parent's control. But was able to escape in time to turn the tables.

In Sinnoh, Tori was roped into helping repair Psyche's mindscape. And later hospitalized for a knife slash during a foiled assassination attempt targeting Lane. She made a full recovery.

Tori's Team

Princess Fire Puff

Potentially Important Stuff

  • Tablet with Gamma's Monese translator program installed (On loan from Blitz)


  • Blitz is Tori's brother. They have a decent relationship despite not hanging out together as much since they both joined the J-team.
  • Tori is in dating Lane and working with him to help raise Ignia
  • Tori considers Ignia a daughter of sorts, due in large part to Ignia's calling her "Mama" since she started dating Lane
  • Tori is pretty good friends with Maria and considers her something like an older sister.
  • Tori had a crush on Duke when they first met, but the fact he was already in a relationship with Lyuri prevented her from doing anything but be jealous at first. She's moved on, and still thinks he'd be a good person to be a friend with, but refuses to comment on whether she still thinks he's hot or not.
  • Tori thinks Psyche's mind is a freaky place.


None yet!


  • Tori can't accurately say she "Doesn't bite" anymore, but insists she was provoked and it doesn't really count.
Tori's Team
On Hand : Strom419Mini.pngSinbad028Mini.pngAero277Mini.pngFloat188Mini.pngPrincess Fire Puff155Mini.pngPlume662Mini.png
Boxed : None
As last seen in: Re: Glitch

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