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General Info

Species: Swellow

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Obtained: East Road, Fiore

Ball: Poke

Birthday: Unknown

Nature: Unknown

Ability: Guts


Somewhat shy, timid and flighty. Much of her time in the wild was spent avoiding the possibility of getting in fights with other wild pokemon. Since joining Tori's team she has gotten somewhat better.


  • Joined Tori's team while on the run from a group of angry Murkrow (That may or may not have been under the influence of one of Team Illusion's emotion machines)
  • Evolved in Oblivia after beating Sinbad in a semi-offscreen training session.


To be announced


  • More or less regard Tori and the rest of the team as her new family. In her own quiet way
  • No other significant relationships at the time
Tori's Team
On Hand : Strom419Mini.pngSinbad028Mini.pngAero277Mini.pngFloat188Mini.pngPrincess Fire Puff155Mini.pngPlume662Mini.png
Boxed : None
As last seen in: Re: Glitch