Sinbad (Tori)

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General Info

Species: Sandslash

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Obtained: Krokka Tunnel, Fiore

Ball: Poke

Birthday: Unknown

Nature: Unknown

Ability: Sand Veil


He likes to battle, and he likes to win, but outside of battle he is fairly laid back. Likes shiny things and various knickknacks, and used to have a collection of "treasure" before he lost them shortly prior to his capture.


  • Captured by Tori while in a fit of rage caused by one of Illusions emotion machines
  • Evolved after a training session gone slightly awry, resulting in an attack of Beedrill on Tori's team


To be announced


  • Is grateful to Tori for helping him to his senses while Illusion's machines were causing some of the local pokemon to be extra aggressive
  • Frightened Float away while under the influence of another Illusion machine in Oblivia. Has since then mostly patched things up, but still feels a little guilty because of it
  • Has had a rough relationship with Crash, due to the latter being very protective of Float. Has since apologized, but isn't sure what Crash thinks of him now
Tori's Team
On Hand : Strom419Mini.pngSinbad028Mini.pngAero277Mini.pngFloat188Mini.pngPrincess Fire Puff155Mini.pngPlume662Mini.png
Boxed : None
As last seen in: Re: Glitch