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General Info

Species: Skiploom

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Obtained: Teakwood Forest, Oblivia

Ball: Poke

Birthday: Unknown

Nature: Unknown

Ability: Unknown


Sweet and innocent. She likes people in general, but dislikes mean peoplemon. Is still getting used to human things, but seems to enjoy being around civilization now that she's starting to adjust.


  • Caught in Oblivia as a Hoppip, despite Crash interrupting things. Which resulted in some confusion for all the involved parties.
  • Ran away twice shortly after her capture. Once in a panic due to Sinbad being unusually angry (thanks to the influence of one of Team Illusion's emotion machines). And again after feeling generally out of place with humans. Both attempts were with Crash.
  • Evolved in the middle of a battle between her and Crash against 3 territorial Corphish, after they knocked Crash out.


To be announced


  • Has been conflicted about being with Tori instead of in the wild with other Hoppip. In part due to the slightly unusual circumstances of her capture. Has since patched things up and is fairly friendly with her
  • Had a pretty rocky start with Sinbad, due to his being extra rough during her first training session and taking out his (amplified) frustration at being weak to every other member of Tori's team at the time. She eventually forgave him after he apologized, but they don't hang out much.
  • Crash is her best friend since she was captured, due in large part to his attempt to protect her at the time of her capture and generally spending a lot of time together since then.
Tori's Team
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