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Evelyn in her usual attire with her best friend Hatty on her head.

Name: Evelyn
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: (on debut:16) 18
Height: 5'09"
Ethnicity: Half-Kantonian, Half-Galarian
Birthday: August 12th, 2003
Trainer ID: -
Home: Ballonlea, Galar
Pokéform: Ralts (shiny)
Starter: Hatty

Evelyn (Full name: Evelyn Sapphira Promeneau) is a Pokémon Trainer from the Galar Region who always seems to have her head in the clouds. She's an unofficial member of the legendary J-Team. Her goal is to become a great Psychic-type Gym Leader like her mentor, Sabrina.


Evelyn likes to wear robes and kimono in colors like pink, blue and purple along with soft shoes. She stands at 5'09" with deep brown eyes (like her father's) and pink hair (unlike either of her parents). On her head, she likes to wear her favorite pink and blue witch's hat... which is actually her best friend and starter Pokémon Hatty.


Evelyn is a kind-hearted girl who always seems to see the world as if it were upside-down, which, as her parents would muse to themselves, was "an unusual viewpoint for an unusual girl".



Evelyn had lived in Ballonlea for as long as she could remember and was always able to make new friends there. She and her friends would often play in the Glimwood Tangle nearby; climbing trees, sword-fighting with sticks, pranking the Impidimps, it was great! One day, when Evelyn was eight years old, she heard a quiet, but clearly sad Pokémon cry in the Tangle and went off to look for the source. When she found it, it turned out that the cry was coming from a Hatenna who was injured and separated from her coven. Concerned for the little Psychic-type, Evelyn picked her up and brought her back to Ballonlea with her. When the little Hatenna thanked Evelyn, that was when Evelyn discovered what set her apart from the other children: She could communicate with people and Pokémon mentally! She spent the next two years practicing her Telepathy and the other Psychic abilities that were to follow. In that time, Evelyn developed a more witch-like persona, and at the age of 10, she took the little Hatenna, whom she had nursed back to health and nicknamed "Hatty", with her on her Pokémon Journey. As their journey progressed, Hatty evolved into a Hattrem, and it became easier for Hatty to ride on Evelyn's head. She had also hatched twin Ralts, one male one female, which she named Kako (the boy) and Mirai (the girl), for the Japanese words for "past" and "future". Eventually, Evelyn decided to take her journey to the Kanto Region, where she would meet with the Saffron City Gym Leader, Sabrina. Evelyn then asks Sabrina if she can train at her gym, to which Sabrina answered yes. During Evelyn's training, Sabrina had given her an Abra as a gift. Evelyn named the Abra Axon, who had eventually become an Alakazam during their intense training. Eventually, Evelyn would come across a Hypno which she made eye contact with... This caused Hatty to facepalm and the Hypno to prepare his psionic attack. However, as the pendulum swung back and forth, instead of hypnotizing Evelyn, it created a telepathic link between them, allowing both Evelyn and the Hypno to understand each other and quickly become good friends. The Hypno became known as Simon, and Evelyn had went off to continue her journey...

Further Details

  • Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue
  • Starter Pokémon: Hatty the Hattrem
  • Likes: Sweets, her friends, weddings, magic, fairy tales
  • Dislikes: Cheating, Pokémon abuse, Bullies
  • Relationships: Her Mother, Her father, Her Pokémon, Hatty, Ian, Hoops
  • Hobbies: Magic, Witchcraft
  • Aura Color: Mystical Purple
  • Phantom Thief Codename: Witchling
  • Arcana: VI. The Lovers
  • Persona: Isis


  • Daisuke Promeneau: Her father. Daisuke is shown to be very protective and supportive of Evelyn, as evidenced by when he jumped out a window to see her Gym Challenge, and when he battled Ian at Wyndon Stadium.
  • Agnes Promeneau: Her mother. Agnes is a kind individual who is very welcoming to anyone who is a friend of her daughter.
  • Hatty: Her very first Pokémon which she met in Glimwood Tangle when she was eight. Hatty helped Evelyn discover her psychic powers. Evelyn sees Hatty like a sister to her.
  • Sabrina: Her mentor. Sabrina trained Evelyn and her psychic powers at her Gym, also giving her Axon as a training partner.
  • Kako and Mirai: The Kirlia Twins, raised from Eggs by Evelyn. She cares for the two of them as a mother would care for her children.
  • Ian: Her boyfriend. She met the young trainer when she bumped into him in the halls of the Stormchaser around Christmas in 2019. Since then, they had traveled through Galar and become friends. Eventually, they confessed their love for each other and have been getting to know each other.
  • Hoops: A friend from her childhood. They met at the Pokémon Center in Ballonlea and she tried to cheer them up when they and Kec were injured.
  • Cameron: A Psychic trainer Evelyn trains with at the Saffron City Gym.
  • Oskar the Mind Master: A Psychic trainer Evelyn trains with at the Saffron City Gym. Evelyn is very supportive of his relationship with Harry.
  • Harry: A Psychic trainer Evelyn trains with at the Saffron City Gym. Evelyn is very supportive of his relationship with Oskar.
  • Illuso: A Psychic trainer Evelyn trains with at the Saffron City Gym.
  • Stacy, Amanda, and Tasha: Three Channelers Evelyn trains with at the Saffron City Gym. Tasha often joked around with Evelyn, always knowing how to scare the witch girl.

Known Techniques

As a Ralts

Movepool for Evelyn in her Ralts form
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeNormal.gif Growl Natural ★★★★
TypePsychic.gif Confusion Natural ★★★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Evelyn

More moves will appear as they are used.

As a Human

Movepool for Evelyn in her Human form
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypePsychic.gif Telekinesis Natural ★★★★ Evelyn's most commonly used ability
TypePsychic.gif Light Screen Natural ★★★★
TypePsychic.gif Psychic Natural ★★★★★★ Evelyn's power peaked under emotional stress the first time
TypePsychic.gif Future Sight Natural Primarily used to see into the future
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Evelyn

More moves will appear as they are used.


  • Helped the J-Team save the world from the Fanatic during the raid on the Final Shell.
  • Assisted the SignalJammers in a mission to rescue Santa Claus (whom Evelyn calls Father Christmas) from the IDPD and save Christmas.
  • Fought against Team Neo-Flare supporters at Orochi Plaza.
  • Protected Wyndon Natural History Museum from Salem and Malacostra.
  • Helped protect the Galarian Museum from Katsuragi and his thralls.
  • Saved Hoops from the brink of death.
  • Earned all eight Galar Gym Badges.
  • Awakened her Persona.

Badges Earned


  • Grass Badge
  • Water Badge
  • Fire Badge
  • Fighting Badge
  • Fairy Badge
  • Rock Badge
  • Dark Badge
  • Dragon Badge




Debut Team


Galar Arc Newcomers




In hers and Ian's care



Some relevant items that Evelyn owns are...

  • Her Spellbook
  • A violin and flute bought for her by Ian.
  • Her phone
  • Her Pokédex
  • Her Psychic-type Gym Challenge Uniform (modified into a kimono by Ian)
  • Her broom (a gift from Ian)
  • Mega Tiara
  • Mega Stones
    • An Alakazite for Axon
    • A Gardevoirite for Mirai when she evolves
    • A Galladite for Kako when he evolves
  • Her crystal ball
  • TMs/HMs
    • TypeFire.gif Will-O-Wisp
    • TypeGrass.gif Magical Leaf
    • TypeWater.gif Whirlpool
    • TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball, Hex
    • TypeFighting.gif Revenge
    • TypeRock.gif Rock Tomb
    • TypeIce.gif Icy Wind
    • TypeDragon.gif Breaking Swipe
    • TypeDark.gif Snarl
    • TypeFairy.gif Draining Kiss


  • Evelyn learned to speak Japanese from hearing her father talk on the phone.
  • Her initials are E.S.P., making her name a pun on Extrasensory Perception, a term commonly associated with psychic powers.
Evelyn's Team
On Hand : Hatty857Mini.pngKako281Mini.pngMirai281Mini.pngAxon065Mini.pngSimon097Mini.pngYumi518Mini.pngSandra653Mini.png
Traded/Given Away : Hanuman390Mini.png
Care : Blossom345Mini.png
As last seen in: Neo-Sinnoh

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