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Rose post-amnesia, with Domino as a Spearow, by scarletify.

Rose (formerly Paula Jaide) is the Nega-Counterpart of Diane. Before her amnesia, she was an admin of Cipher.


  • Age: 22
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Birthday: March 3, 1995
  • Pokéform: Crawdaunt


As Paula, she was, to say the least, violently insane. She took pleasure in the pain and suffering of others, and wasn't afraid to physically or mentally harm others to get what she wanted. Occasionally, she even did so just because she was stressed or even just bored. What a bitch.

Even before her descent into insanity, Paula was very persistent -- or stubborn -- and wouldn't be easily stopped when she set her mind to a goal. She tended to be ambitious as well, a trait which helped her become a Cipher Admin in record time. When not involved with whatever she was trying to accomplish, she tended to be a fairly self-centered person, although there were a few people she makes exceptions for.

After her amnesia, she had a very major personality overhaul. Although she is by no means the most tactful of people, "Rose" seems a fair bit less selfish and rude, due to Savannah's kindness upon her arrival in Goldenrod prior to the J-Team's second official visit to Hoenn.


Paula was originally a regular trainer with an affinity for finding things underground. She found Diane's Pokeball, which had been buried just outside Fuchsia City. She proceeded to go around in search for whatever mon had been caught with it, and eventually came across Diane and "caught" her, claiming her as her own Pokemon. Skye fought her to get Diane back, eventually succeeding in a direct battle between herself and Diane.

Over the next year, Paula joined Cipher, initially seeking revenge. However, the power that came with being in Cipher set aside the desire for vengeance. She rose to Commander status, which she was still at when she finally met Diane again in Orre. Once again she captured her, this time through a Snag Machine, and Shadowed her. Once again, Skye fought to rescue her, eventually Snagging her back during a raid on the Cipher Shadowing and Distribution Department. This was also when she lost Hyp to Maggie.

After losing Diane a second time, Paula sought a way to get revenge on the J-Team once again. She tried and succeeded doing this by catching and Shadowing the Heatran of Mt. Battle -- an act which acted as her ticket to Admin position.

At the end of the Orre arc, she lost the Heatran to Dune, Prism to Umbra, her Zoroark to Ryklys, and her Claydol to Vilkas before Grace left her to rot in a desert in PMD-A.

For months, Paula's status was completely unknown. However, during the Ranger-2 arc, she managed to return with the help of the Unown of Aegis Cave, seeking to hunt down Kyrie and get revenge, having been humiliated in the past by her in an Epic Rap Battle of NPCs. After losing a second time in their rematch, Paula was taken away, to be used as a puppet for the Unown.

Later in the Ranger-2 arc, the Unown decided they had no further use for her. As a result, they removed the majority of her mind and all of her memories, transforming them into one aspect to be relocated to Dashedreams.

Some time later, Paula traveled to Goldenrod after having given up trying to figure out her old identity. There, she met Savannah, who suggested the name "Rose" and gave her a literal white rose to remember it by.

Pokemon -- OU

Rose had no proper team apart from Domino prior to the Alola Arc, having lost all of them during her stint in Cipher as Paula.

Current Team:


Notable Temporary Members:

Rose's Team
On Hand : Domino022Mini.png*Nora026aMini.pngPixie059Mini.pngSadie750Mini.png
Released : Krinon346Mini.pngSadaro461Mini.png
Given Away : Regina282Mini.png
Lost via Snagging : Prism468Mini.pngZoroark571Mini.pngClaydol344Mini.png Heatran485Mini.pngDiane398Mini.pngHyp409Mini.png
Unknown : Ivysaur002Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola