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Skye is Ellen's Skarmory. She was Kai's starter before she was released and joined Ellen's team.


  • Age: 19 (after glitch-induced retcon)
  • Birthday: July 23, 1997 (after glitch-induced retcon; previously 2008, with forged files that say 1997)
  • Nature: Gentle
  • Ability: Sturdy
  • Met: Outskirts of Ecruteak City
  • Favorite Move: Aerial Ace
  • Likes: Rain, battling, Lake, Kai, Diane
  • Dislikes: Underground, being messed with, Totem

Skye is incredibly comfortable with being a human through use of an Armband.

Name Origin:

"Skye" refers to the sky, and is also a partial anagram of "[[Kai|Eskay}}". Technically her last name would be Amarin; abbreviating her full name as "Skye A." completes the anagram.


Skye is much like Kai, only meeker, shyer, and more prone to being weirded out by shenanigans.

Abilities in Battle

Skye, like most Skarmory, is extremely defensive. She tends to use entry hazards much like a competitive Skarmory would, although she hates being associated with such trainers.


Skye was found by Kai on the outskirts of Ecruteak City with a broken leg. Eskay adopted her and kept her safe while she healed.


  • Was on Kai's Kanjoh Hall of Fame team


Skye was Kai's starter, and as such is her best friend. Kai even considers her to be "almost like a second sister", and for simplicity's sake, they sometimes refer to each other as siblings when she's human. Due to Mew messing with one of her ancestors, she also happens to be his cousin.

She is an extreme fan of Luke and Lake after hearing about their battle with Ho-oh.

She is in an intimate polyamorous relationship with Diane, Alyssa, Psyche, and Noelle.

She has a strong dislike of Totem due to his attempting to take advantage of her loneliness.

She happens to be Xaldin's cousin.


  • When wearing an armband, she looks just like Kai except for her outfit. And is also much shorter.
  • Skye has a severe eating disorder resulting from biological differences between her human and Skarmory forms. She also has an iron deficiency.


Diane, Skye, and Alyssa sleeping together. (Commission by gabbiestuff.)
Skye and Alyssa (right) sharing a kiss. (Commission by ticcytx.)
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