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Smuglord is Kai's Serperior.


  • Age: 1
  • Birthday: June 4
  • Nature: Rash
  • Ability: Overgrow
  • Met: Ecruteak
  • Likes: Jazz
  • Dislikes: Oscar


Smuglord, as his name would suggest, is rather stuck-up, although he does recognize boundaries, differing from Igneous in that aspect.


Smuglord got sent to Ecruteak from his home in Treasure Town by a shard, and was found by Eskay several months later. Somehow, Eskay managed to convince him to join his team.


Smuglord looks up to Jazz as somewhat of an older sister.

He has a rivalry with Oscar.


  • Was on Kai's Unova Hall of Fame team
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As last seen in: Hoenn Battle Frontier