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"My name's Dihrao... but you can call me 'Dihr'~"

Dihrao is Kai's Nidorino.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Nature: Hasty
  • Ability: Poison Point
  • Met: Lavender Town
  • Favorite Move: Attract
  • Likes: Cute girl mons, flirting


Dihrao is a shameless flirt, trying to impress any and all female mons whom he could potentially breed with.

This Nidorino does know to make use of his charming personality, for example he was displayed as a cute Pokémon when Other!Eskay tried to gain access to Amity Square.

Despite his preference for one-time "meetings", he is actually a caring father to any kids he ends up accidentally conceiving.

Abilities in Battle

At some point before joining Kai, Dihrao found an Attract TM lying somewhere.

Known Moves:

  • TypeFlying.gif Peck
  • TypePoison.gif Poison Sting
  • TypeNormal.gif Attract


Dihrao had been exiled from his colony for "seducing" two different Nidorina - a feat met with more respect than disgust from his fellow Nidorino, but vice-versa from the rest of the Nidorina in the colony. Since then, he decided to become "that Casanova Nido", traveling across Kanjoh, meeting ladymons, but never sticking with them for long. After meeting Ria in Lavender Town, he talked - and flirted - with her until he was found by Kai, who, in an unusual case of fanbying, instantly took him into the team.


  • Was on Kai's Unova Hall of Fame team


Dihrao is Lara's father, after a one-night stand with Ria on Christmas Eve.

He also happens to be Blythe's father, after a similar one-night stand with Nymph

He, along with Gogie is also a sort of adoptive father for Akim'bleer. It's a long story.

Also check Dihrao's Offspring.


The word Dihrao can be interpreted as coming from the Lapine dihraw, similar to the verb squat. One of the possible significations of the verb is to "reside in some place without permission of the owner", such as in a female's heart when using Attract. Similarly it can be though to come from drao, verb meaning to must, indicating his compulsion towards this behaviour. But since he's cute we can all forgive him :3

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