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Blythe is Rawst's Sylveon.


Blythe was born from a one night stand between Nymph and Dihrao. Even before her egg hatched, it was clear that her mother did not want her, and did not care what happened to her. This trend continued after she hatched, her mother neglecting her. Only when an Esprit controlled Blythe gave her mother a stern talking to, as well as some pushing by Aurora, did her mother finally care about her.

However, later Blythe found out about how her mother acts, as well as how Dihrao acts, she became disgusted, vowing to never become like her parents. She also catches the attention of Belle, Nicole's Eevee. Belle quickly takes a disliking to her, seeing her as an attention hog, and the two quickly fight. Since the birth of Palutena, Aurora and Borealis's daughter, Blythe has treated her like she was her sister.


Blythe has the ability Cute Charm.


Blythe is usually pretty down to earth and caring, if a bit snarky. However, when angered she fails to listen to her better judgement, and often gets into fights because of this.


None at the moment.

In the AU

Blythe does not exist.

Rawst's Team
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