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Name: Esprit Rheol
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age:  ???
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Ethnicity: "Asian"
Birthday: Unknown
Home: Unknown
Pokéform: Beheeyem
Starter: Unknown

Esprit is a rogue Priest of Lugia.


Long ago, when it was still common for legendaries to be worshiped, there was a high Priest of Lugia who desired to not only control the entire faith, but attain higher power. This proved to clash with the others' beliefs in how things should be run, and his spirit was eventually sealed inside an orb, which was then hidden in the Whirl Islands.

Years later, in the present time, Straw found the orb and accidentally released Esprit from his prison, becoming possessed in the process. After being thrown out of Straw's body, Esprit begins to take revenge on him for denying him a body. Not long afterwards, he possessed a Beheeyem, acting as his body for a few years. His quest for revenge led to many clashes between the two, culminating in Esprit killing Straw in the Holon Ruins by using old technology in the ruins to electrocute him. However, Esprit decided not to take Straw's body, instead opting to wander the world in search of a suitable body. He eventually found one in Jet after the fall of Cipher.

Using Jet's body, Esprit managed to trick Elise into serving him. He forced her to do a variety of tasks, including creating a body for himself(based on Straw's DNA) and kill Straw. (Once again.)


Esprit has a very controlling personality, evidenced through his actions in the past as well as with Elise. He tends to manipulate people to get what he wants, and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep things favorable for him. Esprit also enjoys mildly tormenting people, usually Elise, for his own amusement.


Due to the circumstances of his body's creation, he bears a striking resemblance to Straw, the two differences being his dark gray hair and purple eyes.


  • He has a unique relationship with Elise, although she is just someone who is forced to serve him under contract, he likes having her around, provided that things go his way.
  • Esprit has had an interest in Straw for years due to his ability to cheat death repeatedly.

In other universes

  • Esprit remains sealed in his orb prison in the AU.
  • In the Lillifuture timeline, Esprit is the father of Elise's twins, Icarus and Valerie.


Likes:Messing with Elise, power, being in control

Dislikes:Straw, being under someone in power, insubordination

Esprit has no Pokemon of his own in the current time, although he did have control of a few Pokemon for a brief while before they broke free.