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The Lillifuture is an alternate future timeline to the Original Timeline. In it, Lucius ended up going mad, Tagg and Sol were killed by Constantin, Crow became a mob boss, Fortis quit being a trainer after losing to Pryce, and other such things. Lillianna, Salvador, Lex, and Archer also hail from this universe.

Points of Divergence

  • Abel never murdered Lucius and Alice.
  • Titan was killed by Lucius during the raid on Neo-Galactic's headquarters.
  • Leonard survived Lucille's attempt to kill him, but was left deeply paranoid as a result.
  • Pianis ended up succeeding Candice as the Snowpoint Gym Leader and took on the alias Arcturus.
  • Forte departed to PMD-A.
  • Lyuri and Duke were murdered by Lucius, who became a murderous vigilante.
  • Muddy, Draca, and Steel were killed during the Neo-Flare base raid during Hoenn-2, the first by Shaka's hands in particular.
  • Paula and Verax never left Cipher, and the former didn't end up getting banished to PMD-A. They married and had a child; however they later divorced.
  • Vierr got paralyzed below the waist at some point and broke up with Elise.
  • Fortis' spirit was crushed by losing to Pryce, and as a result she gave up on being a competitive trainer.
  • Taylor wasn't murdered by Jet and ended up marrying Straw, but ended up committing suicide as a result of her actions while she was in Cipher becoming known. Straw himself ended up dying of alcoholism years later.
  • Elise was sexually assaulted by Esprit at some point and ended up having his children.
  • DS ended up willingly getting herself stuck in the fantasy world created from her writings out of despair.


  • There is roughly a 20 year time lag between it and the OU.