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The Original Timeline or OU is the main universe of the WAAPT Multiverse. Most events in-RP take place in this universe, though despite the name, it is not the first universe metaphysically, merely the one known of first.

At the end of the Gold Conference, this timeline was shifted into the Alternate Timeline by Cyrus. At the end of that arc, the Creation Trio separated both timelines, each one in its own universe, and the original timeline continued onto the Orange Islands Arc.

In this original timeline, Gamer took the role of the "player character" in Emerald-related events, Luke in HG/SS-related events, and DS in Platinum-related events.

The Another Universe or Otherverse is a completely different universe with a different timeline of its own.

The events of the backstory of the RP are covered by this timeline. Notable events include:


Past Events

Distant Past

c. 100 mya pre Sinnoh Arc

66 mya pre Sinnoh Arc

  • K-T Impact analogue.

c. 150,000 years pre Sinnoh Arc

c. >100,000 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

c. 20,000 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Eternatus falls to Earth and enters dormancy.
  • A Galarian Rapidash, Grimmsnarl, and Hatterene are empowered as EX-Pokémon and tasked with guarding the Gloaming Glade, an Aura Nexus.

Far Past (7986 BCE-1699 CE)

c. 7,000 years pre Sinnoh Arc

c. 6,000 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Orochi and Yami find a pool of Demon Mutagen in a mountain pool on Mt. Moon during a new moon, and use it to mutate into their current forms.

c. 3,000 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Bronze Age Collapse analogue.
  • The Houses of Black and White unleashed conflict all over Unova.
  • AZ uses the Ultimate Weapon.
  • Groudon and Kyogre have a clash in Primal Form, only to be stopped by Mega Rayquaza.
  • Voyd loses their power due to the actions of the ancestors of those inhabiting the Ultra Megalopolis.
  • Zacian and Zamazenta defeat and seal away Eternatus on the Darkest Day.

c. 2,600 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • The Celestials are slaughtered by the forces of Orochi and Yami.

1,345 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Calamity Alovye is defeated by legendaries and a band of trainers similar to the J-Team. (666)

1,006 years pre Sinnoh Arc

c. 1,000 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Dark Obsurics, as well as other undesirables, were purged from present day Kanto and Johto and forced up north. (Late 10th-early 11th Century)
  • Sinnoh was taken over by Annoski, the Obscura Wizard. (early 11th Century)
  • Sir Aaron sacrifices himself to save Rota's Mew at the Tree of Beginning.

c. 800 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • A satellite sent back in time by Tangent enters orbit around the planet to crash in 200 years.
  • The events of A WAAPT Legend: Northern Shadow. (early 13th Century)
  • Beginning of Mongol conquests analogue.
    • Aura Guardians have their power broken due to conflicts with the [Mongols] in [Central Asia].

c. 700 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • True Orochi is defeated and sealed by Nagi and Ammy's group.

699 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • An Alakagross remnant begins a plan involving making humans immortal and infusing them with Obscura powers. (1312)

650 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • April 10: Umbra is born. (1361)

c. 631 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • September 16: Lina is born.

c. 630 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Shadedrake Island's human population is wiped out by plague, leaving Umbra and his mons as the sole survivors.

c. 600 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • The events of the Conquest Arc. (early 15th Century)
  • Revy has a non-consensual encounter with Tapu Lele that results in a child who happens to be the progenitor of the Memito line that contains Ever, PEFE!Every, All, and Revy II.

594 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Duolis is killed by people seeking revenge against the Ghost Lord. (1418)

c. 580 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Three of Revy's descendants, including the Memito line progenitor, gather on Poni Island and enter Ultra Space, becoming Fallers and forgetting their original mission to kill the descendants of Fukurou and Andante, before going their separate ways soon afterwards. The other two descendants end up being the ancestors of Amanita and Brie, respectively.

c. 500 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • A king of eastern Hoenn founds a shrine to Celebi in Ever Grande, which is repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. (Early 16th Century)

Near Past (1700-1960)

c. 150 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • The Brass Tower in Ecruteak burns down under unknown circumstances, the Johto beast trio birthed from the flames.

123 years pre Sinnoh Arc

c. 100 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Captain Chantey and his crew are shipwrecked somewhere in the [Pacific Ocean] following an attack by an Ultra Beast and die, most of whom are reborn as Ghost-types.

97 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • WWI analogue (1914)

79 years pre Sinnoh Arc

72 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Beginning of WWII analogue. (1939)

69 years pre Sinnoh Arc

67 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Colton's great-grandfather Barney is saved by a Zeraora. (1944)

66 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Celebi's shrine in Ever Grande is destroyed by [American] forces during the Battle of Ever Grande. (1945)
  • Victini is used on Slateport in order to end the war.

59 years pre Sinnoh Arc

58 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Sandy is born. (1953)

52 years pre Sinnoh Arc

Almost-Present (1961-2010)

50 years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Elgyem refugees from their homeworld end up on Earth. (1961)

47 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

44 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Pokéworld shuts down due to Jester's machinations. (1967)

41 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

40 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • September 15: Mia Morendo is born. (1971)

39 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • October 26: Ellen is born. (1972)

37 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Zrone is born in Sinnoh. (1974)

36 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Jack King aka Delta is born in Angela. (1975)

33 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

32 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

c. 31 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Sea Mauville is shut down. (1980)

28 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • August 6: Ren is born. (1983)

26 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • June 17, 1985: The flagship channel of Contact Communications is launched.
  • June 1985: Ellen meets Pallad.
  • Santiago is forcibly transformed into a Groudon by Groudon cultists.

25 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

24 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • May 1987: Ellen conquers the Sinnoh League and becomes Champion.
  • September: Lawrence Cain defeats Ellen and enters the Hall of Fame.
  • November 29: Crowley is born.
  • December 20: Echo is born.

23 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • June 25: Volpe is born (1989)
  • July 15: Constantin is born.
  • Delta beats the Hoenn League at 14 while being a member of the K-Team and defeating a team known as Team Fallout.

21 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

20 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • March 25: Mendel is born. (1991)
  • June 12: Shutter is born.
  • July 3: Tagg is born.
  • August 24: Luke is born.
  • September 21: Dune is born.
  • December 20: DS is born.

19 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • July 27: Arika is born. (1992)
  • November 20: Jared is born.
  • Wolf is born.
  • One Mr. Kang Min-seok, aka Channah's biological father, is arrested for illegal possession of Revival Herbs and Energy Roots in [Seoul].

18 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • April 30: Anom is born. (1993)
  • June 21: Jenna is born.
  • July 21: Star is born.
  • August 17: Maria is born.
  • October 27: Kyrie is born.
  • December 5: Pianis is born.

17 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

16 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Solana's parents kill each other shortly after killing . (1995)
  • Jackie is born.
  • January 8: Jack is born.
  • February 3: Alex is born.
  • March 3: Rose is born.
  • March 9: Sholto is born.
  • March 14: Rawst is born.
  • March 23: Noelle is born.
  • April 1: Munn is born. (Probably)
  • April 22: Blitz is born.
  • May 20: Zeal is born.
  • May 22: Elise is born.
  • July 13: Colton is born.
  • August 14: Kim is born.
  • September 11: Ann is born.
  • October 8: Straw is born.
  • November 7: Jeff is born.
  • December 21: Teresa is born.
  • December 22: Mezzo is born.

15 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

14 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Tagg is nearly killed by a Froslass, but unknowingly uses his Auric powers to escape. (1997)
  • March 3: Super Nerd is born.
  • April 3: Joseph Hudson is born.
  • April 16: Vierr is born.
  • April 27: Crewe is born.
  • June 10: Sakura is born.
  • July 4: Lucius is born.
  • August 15: Tommy Petersen is born.
  • August 21: Kai is born.
  • September 14: Lane is born.
  • October 2: Alrey is born.

13 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

12 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

11 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • January 5: Ivan is born. (2000)
  • January 15: Cady is born.
  • February 14: Galvani is born.
  • May 14: Kat is born.
  • Sometime between Christmas and New Year's Eve: Echo stows away on a plane headed to Unova.

10 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Tagg starts his Pokémon journey and beats the Indigo League. (2001)
  • April 12: Lanie is born.
  • September 30: Jason's father, Johnathan, dies in a rock slide.
  • Brutus, Constantin's Alakazam mentor, is murdered by César the Emboar.
  • Hikari accidently kills one of the mons under her care by giving it the wrong medicine, leading her to become more withdrawn than she was already at the time.
  • Stephanja Petersen and her husband are murdered. Some time later, Stephanja completes the spirit games and comes back as a rotom, sans many of her memories.

9 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Katie is born. (2002)
  • January 27: Fortis is born.
  • February 28: Jun Okada is born.
  • May 3: Matthew is born.
  • October 21: Gwen is born.
  • Tagg obtains a Silver Wing following a brief sighting of Lugia.
  • Tagg battles and gets curb-stomped by Ho-oh following his infiltration of the Bell Tower, but gets a Rainbow Wing in the process.
  • Tagg beats the Indigo League for the second time.
  • Tagg runs into trouble involving some Team Rocket Grunts.
  • Wolf beats the Indigo League.
  • Jacob loses his parents and is forced into an orphanage.
  • Wolf is turned into an 'M thrall.
  • Lillith is gifted Sasorina.
  • Cleo de Nile and Leonard Cain meet for the first time.

8 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • Aspen is born. (2003)
  • March 12: Mimmy is born.
  • July 20: Eva is born.
  • August 12: Evelyn is born.
  • Tagg decides to take a break from active Pokémon training and returns to school.
  • Elise encounters Kyurem in the Giant Chasm.
  • Anabel and Greta both get their starters, a pair of Eevee.
  • The group that would eventually become the Hoenn Frontier Brains take down Team Bronze.

7 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • The events of Emerald. (2004)
    • Cid's wife dies during the Sootpolis Incident, sparking his cynicism towards legendaries.
  • Gamer beats the Hoenn League.
  • Tagg goes back to active training and beats the Hoenn League.
  • Tagg obtains a Blue Orb from Groudon following a test via children's card game.
  • The events of Pokémon Colosseum.
    • c. 7-6 years ago: Tagg meets Cipher for the first time in Orre.
  • Constantin murders his parents in retribution for their abuse and neglect, while making it look like an accident.
  • January 25: Lila is born.
  • March 7th: Gogie is born.
  • Remy is born.
  • Amber is born.
  • Mezzo gets Felis as a Christmas gift.

6 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • March 24: Ian is born. (2005)
  • July 3: Morgan is born.
  • July 13: Clara is born.
  • July 28: Aline is born.
  • Tagg tries and epically fails to woo Carol.
  • The events of FR/LG.
  • The events of the original Pokémon Ranger.
  • Straw graduates from Ranger School.
  • Pentigan's home island is destroyed by Dragon types.
  • Jane's father dies.
  • Daydre hatches Rowan from an egg.
  • Dean takes over an island off Angela, forcing Jimmy to fight him to take it back.

5 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

4 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • January 30: Project Níðhöggr is put in stasis after proving to be uncontrollable. (2007)
  • Sometime in February: Ellen Amarin dies via Toxicroak poisoning.
  • Sometime after July 3: WAAPT's incarnation of the PEFE was founded.
  • Envy dies defending Straw from a Tyranitar.
  • c. 2007-2008: Mezzo beats the Unova League through sheer persistence after losing multiple times.
  • The events of Silly human, romance is for Nidoran!.
  • Moves are reclassified to not have type factor into whether or not they count as physical or special.
  • Jack King becomes Champion of the Angela League.

3 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

2 Years pre Sinnoh Arc

  • September 2009: Sonny is stopped from bullying Nadia by Shaun.
  • The events of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.
  • DS beats the Sinnoh League.
  • Tagg beats the Sinnoh League.
  • Luke beats the Indigo League.
  • Jacob beats the Hoenn League in about a month.
  • Crow's attempted journey start is cut short by Jay's interference.
  • Goggles helps the Mawile princess of a desert kingdom. (Probably.)
  • Jane joins the PEFE.
  • Tagg and Tracer meet up in Sinnoh, and Nudi and Sonny battle, the former losing and requiring Luxray to bail him out.
  • Tagg does research up in the Arctic.
  • Lawrence Cain has a run-in with Constantin in Shalour that leaves him seriously injured.

1 Year pre Sinnoh Arc

  • March 7: Ezekiel Meyers manages to sabotage his superior's machine. (2010)
  • Tagg solves a mystery in Alamos Town.
  • DS stops Charon's plot involving the Heatran of Stark Mountain.
  • Eskay attempts to challenge the Kimono Sisters, but loses.
  • PEFE!Every is discovered living within PEFE HQ.
  • c. May-July: The events of Dragons Made of Clouds.
  • Christmas Eve: Ian and Piku-chan see Santa.

Present Events (2011-Present)

Year 0 (2011)

One Year post Sinnoh Arc (2012)

Two Years post Sinnoh Arc(2013)

Three Years post Sinnoh Arc (2014)

Four Years post Sinnoh Arc (2015)

Five Years post Sinnoh Arc (2016)

Six Years post Sinnoh Arc (2017)

Seven Years post Sinnoh Arc (2018)

  • More of Entralink Arc.

Eight Years post Sinnoh Arc (2019)

  • Rest of Entralink Arc.
  • The events of Sword and Shield.

Nine Years post Sinnoh Arc (2020)

Future Events

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