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The Oblivia Arc was an arc running from ??? to ???. It takes place in the Oblivia region.

The Plot

The trainers decide to travel to Oblivia after their adventures in Unova. Before leaving Unova, Anom meets with Cynthia, who entrusts him with the task of bringing a Manaphy egg to Oblivia so it can safely hatch and be returned to the ocean, and giving him instructions not to tell anyone, seeing as they could both get in trouble with the law if anything were to happen to the Manaphy. Unbeknownst to them both, Wolf overhears the conversation, but he keeps it to himself. The trainers leave for Oblivia, making a brief stop in Orre first, where they have an encounter with Miror B.

After arriving in Oblivia, the Manaphy egg begins to hatch, and Anom heads over to the beach by himself. However, while the egg is hatching, he is ambushed by Pokémon Pinchers, who attempt to steal the egg. Luckily, Wolf shows up to help Anom fight them off. During the battle, the egg hatches, and the Pinchers attempt to snatch the Manaphy, frigthening it and causing it to instinctively use Heart Swap. Despite Anom and Wolf's efforts, the Pinchers manage to steal the Manaphy and escape, however, that is not the only problem the two have, as they discover that they have been heart swapped, now stuck in eachother bodies without the Manaphy to change them back.

Due to the promise Anom made to Cynthia, and the fact that they could get into trouble for what happened to the Manaphy, Anom and Wolf agree to keep the switch a secret from the others until they get the Manaphy back. However, this is easier said than done, and the group quickly catches on to something being off about their friends. This leads to tension within the group, as the trainers feel increasingly frustrated by the fact that Wolf and Anom are hiding something from them, Wolf essentially becomes jealous of himself as DS is oblivious to the fact that the person she is flirting with is really Anom, while Anom struggles with the guilt over seeing the secret tearing the group apart and not being able to say anything.

The other trainers soon become aware of the presence of the Pokémon Pinchers, and go to find the Oblivian Raikou before the Pinchers do. After meeting and befriending the Raikou, the trainers decide to meet with the other legendaries, to help deal with the Pinchers.

After a particularly awkward incident, Anom and Wolf agree that it is best to start telling the others about what is really going on, but not all at once. They decide to tell DS and Jane first, however, only DS learns the truth first as Jane misreads the situation and freaks out, running off before they can explain. After hearing the explaination and recovering from the initial awkwardness of the situation, DS agrees to help them keep the secret and help them find the Manaphy. Meanwhile, Pentigan has befriended the Oblivian Moltres and Articuno.

With DS' help, Wolf and Anom do manage to tell Jane the truth, and get her to help keep the secret. The trainers soon meet and befriend the Oblivian Entei. Fool discovers the secret when she overhears DS talking to Ribbons about it, and DS has to explain the full situation about why it had to be kept secret, and Fool reluctantly agrees to keep the secret. Luke heads over to Canal Ruins to meet with the Oblivian Suicune. The secret continues tearing the group apart, those that do not know growing increasingly frustrated over something being hidden from them, while those who know find the secret harder and harder to keep as a result.

DS eventually cracks under the pressure, and blurts out the secret. After the situation is explained, the balance within the group is restored, and they decide to work together to try to find the Manaphy and return Wolf and Anom to normal.

The group goes to meet with the Oblivian Latii herd, since only a Latii can get them to Mt. Layuda to see the Oblivian Zapdos. After befriending the Latii, the group now has what they need to get to Mt. Layuda. Before going there, Luke decides to summon Ho-oh, since the Oblivian beasts miss their master. Some time later, the group finally heads to Mt. Layuda. However, during the flight through the harsh thunderstorms on the way there, DS, Anom and Fool end up getting injured. While some of the trainers look after their injured members, others go to meet with Zapdos. After befriending Zapdos, part of the group decides to go find Lugia.

Once Lugia is found, and the injured trainers have mostly recovered, they head over to the Sky Fortress, realizing the Pokémon Pinchers are hiding there. The legendaries attempt to keep the Pinchers distracted, while the trainers try to search for the Manaphy. However, Tagg's Zweilous gets separated from the group, and is beaten by Pinchers until she snaps and evolves into Hydreigon, and proceeds to try to maul the Pinchers, only to be stopped by the other trainers, who have to fight her off for a bit until she calms down so Tagg can recall her.

The trainers try to evade the Pinchers, but suddenly find themselves low on time when the legendaries outside accidentally damage the Sky Fortress too much, forcing them to have to hurry up before the whole thing is destroyed. Anom gets injured again, so does Fool while helping the legendaries outside. Some of the trainers manage to gather some information, and Wolf finally finds the Manaphy. After getting everything they need and evacuating the people and Pokémon inside the Fortress, the trainers escape, while Moltres causes the Sky Fortress to explode after it falls into the ocean.

Anom and Fool are taken back to the hospital, Luke and his team decides to find a new home for the wild Pokémon evacuated from Sky Fortress, and the Manaphy finally returns Wolf and Anom to their rightful bodies. After the little Manaphy is finally returned to the ocean, the trainers decide to head over to Fiore next.

Characters introduced in this story arc


  • The events of the AU Arc are set even more in motion.
  • The Sky Fortress is destroyed.

Addtional Arc Information

  • The Oblivia Arc is one of the only three arcs in which no new player characters joined, the others being PMD-1 and the Alternate Timeline Arc.
  • Antagonists:
    • The Pokémon Pinchers
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