Cynthia (Champion)

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Cynthia is the Sinnoh Champion and is a sometimes recurrent and plot-relevant character in WAAPT. She's had the most interaction with DS since DS is this verse's "player character" of Platinum.

She took part in the Gold Conference, where she was defeated by Slouch.


  • Cynthia's team is based on different interpretations of Cynthia throughout the fandom, save for Bisonkiss and Spiritom/b/.
Cynthia's Team
On Hand : Ace Garchomp445Mini.png • Milotic350Mini.png • Lucario448Mini.png • Roserade407Mini.pngSpiritom/b/442Mini.pngBisonkiss468Mini.png
Others : Giratina the Second487OMini.png
As last seen in: Gold Conference