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Nickname: DS
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 29 (As of 2021)
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: December 20, 1991
Trainer ID: -
Home: Twinleaf Town
Pokéform: Espeon
Starter: HotStuff

DS is a 29 year old Pokémon trainer from Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh and founding member of the J-Team. In the main timeline, she was the one who stopped Cyrus' plan to use the power of Dialga and Palkia to reshape the universe, and fought him and Giratina in the Distortion World.


DS was born in Jubilife City, but moved to Twinleaf Town with her mother at the age of two and grew up there. She had several friends during her childhood, but they all left her as they got older, some of them moving away, while others simply stopped spending time with her in favor of more popular kids at her old school. In her teen years, she preferred to be by herself, feeling that even though she was lonely, at least no one could hurt her this way. She would also sometimes head over to Lake_Verity, as that area was said to have a calming effect on people.

She spent a lot of her spare time reading about Pokémon, the various regions and a lot of things related to this. While she didn't get along with kids her own age, she did use the knowledge she gathered about Pokémon to befriend her two younger neighbours Dawn and Barry, who would sometimes visit to hear what she had learned about Pokémon.

Becoming a Trainer

At the age of seventeen, DS' mother decided to let her go on a Pokémon journey, feeling her daughter would probably be happier that way and that she might have a chance to make some new friends. Barry and Dawn were also going to start their journeys at around the same time as DS, but Dawn ended up catching a cold, delaying the start of her journey. And so, Barry came over to DS' house on the day they were going to receive their starters from Professor Rowan, and dragged her outside to head over to Sandgem Town, despite DS' telling him she could've just walked, and reminding him about the wild Pokémon living in the tall grass, only to be ignored.

Upon entering Route 201, they were stopped by Professor Rowan, who told them pretty much what DS tried to tell Barry. Professor Rowan was accompanied by Lucas, who was working as his assistant. After explaining things, Professor Rowan decided to let DS and Barry choose one out of three Pokémon he had with him, a Turtwig, a Chimchar and a Piplup. DS ended up choosing the female Chimchar, giving her the nickname HotStuff, while Barry picked the Piplup. Lucas decided to adopt the Turtwig himself, seeing as the little grass turtle was clearly disappointed at not being chosen. Barry challenged DS to a battle to test their new Pokémon, which DS and HotStuff ended up winning.

Things take an unexpected turn

The next day, Barry drags DS off to Lake Verity to look for a legendary Pokémon said to live there, however, the two find a mysterious man named Cyrus there, who leaves shortly after they get there. Shortly after, the two young trainers hear the cry of Mesprit, which DS takes as a sign that things are going to turn out okay. Apart from that, DS' journey seems to start out fairly normal, receiving a Pokédex, catching some Pokémon, challenging some trainers and so on. However, once she gets to Jubilife, her journey takes an unexpected turn. When arriving, she takes a look around, talks to people, visits various building and even gets the newest model of a Poketch. She also has a brief encounter with a strange detective calling himself by his codename Looker, who gives her a VS. Recorder.

As she heads towards Route 204 to catch a Budew, she comes across Professor Rowan and Lucas, who are being threatened by two strange blue haired men, whom Professor Rowan doesn't seem particularly threatened by. DS ends up battling the two men to get them to leave Professor Rowan and Lucas alone, and discovers the two men are members of Team_Galactic. After chasing them off, being thanked by Professor Rowan and having another brief encounter with Looker, who asks her to help investigate Team Galactic, DS continues going on about as a trainer like nothing happened, catching a Budew she names Briar Rose and adds to her team on Route 204, and later in the night catches a Zubat she names Wings. With her two new teammates, DS decides to head to Oreburgh_City to challenge the gym there.

DS does the usual trainer stuff, explores the city, does some more training and so on, during which HotStuff evolves into Monferno. DS meets with Roark in the Oreburgh_Mine, and he tells her that he will be waiting for her gym when she is ready to challenge him. DS heads over to the gym once ready, and manages to earn her first badge. After that, she begins heading for Eterna, since that is where the next gym is, however, she gets sidetracked by Team Galactic again when she reaches Floaroma_Town.

Since no one else appears to be doing anything about it for whatever reason, DS has to take care of the situation herself, learning more about Team Galactic and what their goals are in the process. She also catches herself a Pachirisu that she names Sparq while at the Valley_Windworks. Eventually, she confronts Mars, a Team Galactic admin, who, along with some grunts and a Team Galactic scientist named Charon, are trying to steal energy from the windworks. She manages to defeat Mars, and drive Team Galactic off, at which point she is declared Team Galactic's enemy. It is at this point that she decides to keep her real name a secret while dealing with them in order to protect her mother and any other members of her family, and she decides on the "codename" Darker Shining for herself, or DS for short, which is the name that is mainly used for her.

Why is the Sinnoh champion making decisions about DS' future all of a sudden?

After travelling through Eterna_Forest accompanied by a girl named Cheryl, DS makes it to Eterna_City, where she discovers that Team Galactic has been stealing some Pokémon, and since nobody else is doing anything about it, DS once again has to deal with Team Galactic. She also has another brief encounter with Cyrus at the statue depicting a legendary Pokémon, discovering that part of the plate on the statue has been taken away, so that she can't tell whether the statue is meant to resemble Dialga or Palkia. She also has an encounter with the Sinnoh champion, Cynthia, who takes an interest in DS, and gives her a Togepi egg. DS also receives a bicycle for free after helping the owner of the bike shop.

DS challenges the second gym, earns her second badge after defeating Gardenia, and continues her travels. On the way to Hearthome, she has another encounter with Cyrus in Mt._Coronet. In Hearthome_City, DS receives a Fashion Case for Pokémon Super Contests, and a Poffin Case. She also meets Bebe, who gives her an Eevee that she names Velvet. Briar Rose soon evolves into Roselia, while Velvet evolves into an Espeon, and DS soon earns her third gym badge from Fantina. DS continues travelling towards Veilstone_City, stopping by Solaceon_Town on the way and picking up some more stuff on the way.

She does eventually get to Veilstone and while there, Wings evolves into Golbat while she explores one of Team Galactic's warehouses. Wings evolves again into Crobat not long afterwards. DS continues exploring, realizing Team Galactic's HQ is located in Veilstone, but finds there isn't much she can do about it at the moment. She does help Lucas get his Pokedex back when it is stolen by Team Galactic, teaming up with him in a double battle to get it back.

DS soon challenges Maylene and receives her fourth badge, and continues travelling down Route 214, towards Pastoria. She also meets a Move Tutor on Route 212 who teaches HotStuff how to use Thunderpunch. After defeating Crasher Wake, and earning her fifth badge, DS has to deal with a Galactic Grunt threatening to blow up the Great Marsh with a bomb. After dealing with this Galactic Grunt, DS heads back up Route 214, where she has another encounter with Cynthia, who asks her to give some medicine to a group of Psyduck who are blocking the path to the northern parts of Route 210. After doing so, Cynthia shows up again and gives DS an Old Charm, asking her to take it to Celestic_Town.

On the way there, HotStuff evolves into Infernape. When she gets there, she has to deal with Team Galactic again, who are this time threatening to blow up Celestic Town. DS ends up having her first fight against Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, and wins, saving Celestic Town. DS hears a bit about Sinnoh's mythology while in Celestic, before continuing her journey. Before heading to Canalave, she picks up a Good Rod, and heads back to Route 205, where she catches a Finneon, that she names Silvermist, completing her team of six.

Things suddenly get worse

After a trip to Iron Island to train, traveling through it with a trainer named Riley, dealing with a few Galactic Grunts there and managing to evolve Silvermist, DS heads back to Canalave_City and challenges Byron, and earns herself her sixth badge. Shortly afterwards, Professor Rowan requests her assistance with something, and she, Barry and Lucas meet with him at Canalave's library. Professor Rowan wants each of them to check out the three lakes of Sinnoh, and gather some information on the Lake Trio for him. Barry is asked to check Lake_Acuity, Lucas is assigned Lake Verity, while DS is asked to check Lake_Valor, which had been blocked by two men the times DS passed by the area near the lake.

However, the four of them are suddenly startled when the ground starts shaking as an explosion is heard in the distance. Realizing it came from Lake Valor, DS quickly heads over to investigate, while Lucas and Barry decide to head over to check on the other lakes. Reaching Lake Valor, DS discovers that the water in the lake has been drained, leaving many helpless Magikarp flopping around on the ground. DS fights off the Galactic Grunts, but discovers that the legendary of Lake Valor, Azelf has already been taken away.

DS decides to head over to Lake Verity to check on Lucas, and hoping to save Mesprit, but discovers once again that she is too late. With two of the legendaries taken, DS decides to head up to Lake Acuity in hopes of helping Barry save Uxie. DS makes it up to the snowy parts in northern Sinnoh, but is unable to get to Lake Acuity without Rock Climb, which can only be used with the badge from Snowpoint_City. DS heads into Snowpoint, and challenges the gym leader Candice for her seventh badge. After winning the badge, she heads over to Lake Acuity, but by the time she arrives, it is too late, and the entire Lake Trio have been captured.

Barry, upset by this turn of events, leaves to go train somewhere, while DS heads back to Lake Verity, at a loss of what to do. After pondering what to do for a while, DS decides that it is up to her to save the Lake Trio, and so heads back to Veilstone, determined to save the three legendaries.

Saving the Universe

Making her way through the Galactic HQ, DS eventually discovers Cyrus' real plan, to use the power of the legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia, the embodyments of time and space themselves, to destroy this world, and create a new one without spirit. In order to control them, Cyrus has with the assistance of Charon and a few other scientists created two Red Chains from gems taken from the Lake Trio's bodies. DS battles both Saturn and Cyrus while in the Veilstone Galactic building, and manages to win, and free the Lake Trio. Still determined to stop Cyrus, DS heads over to Mt. Coronet, as Cyrus has already headed to Spear Pillar to set his plan into motion.

On the way, she encounters Looker, who gives her a White Flute and a Black Flute, before deciding to leave saving the universe to DS, and leaving. She eventually reaches Spear Pillar, where Team Galactic's admins Mars and Jupiter try to keep her from interfering in Cyrus' plan. Luckily, Barry shows up and helps DS fight them. As DS prepares to confront Cyrus, Cynthia shows up to help, but Cyrus summons Dialga and Palkia, and uses the power of the two Red Chains to force them to start changing the universe. The Lake Trio attempt to stop it, but only have enough power to contain the power of one of them.

All of a sudden, Giratina appears, and drags Cyrus off to the Distortion_World to prevent him from changing the universe. However, the universe is still not safe, due to the portal between the two worlds still being open. Cynthia and DS decide to enter the Distortion World themselves, in order to deal with the situation, the Lake Trio going in as well. Cynthia goes ahead to deal with Cyrus, while DS explores the surreal Distortion World on her own, where laws of physics don't seem to apply. Guided by the Lake Trio, DS eventually reaches the place where Cynthia and Cyrus are, and battles Cyrus one last time, and wins.

All that is left to do, is calm down Giratina, but Cyrus claims that if she does fight Giratina and win, the worlds will be destroyed, and that she will carry out his plan. Cynthia however, reassures her that this is not the case, and DS confidently marches up to Giratina, who awaits her challenge. DS succeeds in calming Giratina, and the universe is saved. Cyrus is unable to understand what had happened, but calms down, and leaves DS with some chilling words, warning her that he will uncover the secrets of this world, and that she will one day awaken in his world, a world without spirit. DS and Cynthia leave the Distortion World, ending up at Sendoff_Spring.

Becoming the Champion

After saving the world, DS heads over to Sunyshore_City, which had previously been unavailable for her to reach due to a blackout in the city, to earn her eight gym badge. She discovers that Volkner has been considering leaving his gym leader position and join the Elite Four, feeling a lack of interesting battles. DS is asked to do her very best in her battle against Volkner, and manages to win her eight badge and he decides to stay in his gym leader position. All eight badges obtained, DS heads towards the Pokémon League. However, upon reaching the Pokémon League, DS decides not to challenge the Elite Four right away, instead deciding to train some more first, so she is sure she is ready.

During the training, Briar Rose finally learns the last moves Roselia learn by training, and DS evolves her into Roserade using a Shiny Stone. Once ready, DS heads up to the Pokémon League, and is finally ready to face the Elite Four. Thanks to all the training, and her knowledge of Pokémon, DS manages to defeat the Elite Four, and challenge Cynthia, who had been basically grooming DS into becoming a worthy challenger. After an epic battle, DS finally wins and receives the title of champion.

Now what?

After receiving the title of champion, DS receives a ticket to the boat going to the Fight_Area where the Battle_Frontier in Sinnoh is located. DS naturally decides to head over there, and explore the warmer tropical areas of Sinnoh. Upon reaching the Fight Area, DS and Barry end up having a double battle with Volkner and Flint. Exploring the areas further, DS receives a villa upon reaching the Resort_Area, and discovers that there are still a few loose ends to take care of regarding Team Galactic at Mt._Stark, as Charon is still plotting. Along with Buck, DS goes to Mt. Stark to deal with Charon. Mars and Jupiter are also there, but decide to leave because they liked Cyrus better. As Charon prepares to take the Magma Stone, Looker shows up and arrests him.

After dealing with that, DS spends the next year or so filling up her Pokédex, training more Pokémon and challenging the five Battle Frontier facilities, managing to earn all five silver prints, but not the gold prints. She continues doing the same thing for a while, until hearing rumors of strange things happening in Canalave, at which point she travels there, meeting with the other trainers and joining them, and has since then been travelling with them.

In the AU

In the alternate timeline, DS failed to calm Giratina, and was injured in the process, leaving several scars on her body. As a result of this, the Distortion spread across Sinnoh. DS spent the next few years trying to track down Cyrus, who had managed to escape in the chaos. When DS comes to her senses after the timeline is changed, she freaks out and is left confused and lonely as she finds that nothing is the way she remembered. Despite this, DS manages to get through Unova alive with her team, and reaches Opelucid, where she uncovers two Zoroark and Chatot working for Artemis and Scolipede, impersonating the gym leaders. She decides not to expose them to the world, as she is too worn out and too focused on finding Cyrus to bother doing so.

Upon seeing the Legend Badge she had gotten from the Zoroark, she starts crying as she realizes that everything she had done with her friends, including her first kiss and relationship with Wolf, had never happened in this timeline. Wings reminds a depressed DS that even though everything else she cared about in the original timeline may be gone, she still has her team, comforting her a little. However, they soon do discover that Cyrus is hiding out in the Giant Chasm, and unable to think clearly, DS decides to go confront him and Primal Dialga.

Of course, this turns out to be a very bad idea, as DS discovers that Cyrus not only has Dialga in his control, but also Celebi. After a short fight, DS is trapped by Celebi, and Cyrus orders Dialga to kill her. As DS tries to deal with the fact that this might be the end of her, she realizes something that hadn't occured to her before, that she kept her ability to understand Pokémon speech despite the event that gave her the ability never happened in this timeline, and realizes that this may mean the others may have kept their ability as well. With this, DS quickly tells her Pokémon to save themselves, and go find the others. Her team reluctantly leave the area, while DS is seemingly killed by Dialga.

DS soon awakens in a strange dark world, where she is greeted by the Lake Trio, who explain that Dialga sent her to a dimension where the legendaries have been imprisoned. The Lake Trio are searching for Palkia, since she is the only one who can escape from it. DS joins the Lake Trio, and spends the next few weeks following them towards where Palkia is, occasionally talking to her Legend Badge as if it were Wolf in one of her attempts to keep her spirits up while trapped in the dark world. After weeks of walking, they finally reach Palkia, only to find that she has been turned to stone, leaving the four of them wondering what to do now, their only hope of escaping seemingly lost.

However, DS refuses to give up, realizing that Dialga must've had a reason for sending her to this particular place, where the Lake Trio would find her. She soon notices the Lustrous_Orb laying nearby, and manages to reach it with some help from the Lake Trio. Using the power of the orb, DS is able to restore Palkia to normal, and the five of them are able to escape from the dimension. They arrived just in time to take part in the final battle, and DS reunites with her friends.

After the timeline split, things start off seemingly well for AU!DS as she reunites with her mother, and finds some of her other Pokémon that she had in the OT, however, she eventually starts feeling as if she is only a shadow of the original DS, and steals the Lustrous Orb from Spear Pillar for unclear reasons. Realizing she may be becoming a threat to her world, she has AU!Velvet promise to kill her if she ever does become a threat.


In the branch of the AU that became PMD-B, DS ended up being killed by Velvet after going crazy and attempting to use the Lustrous Orb in an attempt to save Sinnoh, leaving both AU!Wolf and Tagg in stages of major grief. Her grave was visited by Tagg's group following their adventures in Angela when it came time to bury AU!Wolf after he'd sent his message to the past.

DS in other known timelines

  • It is known that in one timeline, Dawn was the one to save the universe from Cyrus and Team Galactic, while DS was just a regular trainer.
  • There is also one timeline in which DS started out with a Turtwig, and stopped Cyrus from using only Dialga to reshape the universe.
  • There is also a similar timeline in which she started with Piplup, and stopped Cyrus from using Palkia for his plan.


  • DS cares about all her Pokémon, and tries to train all of them to be their very best.
  • DS is dating Wolf. Wolf confessed his love to her during the Unova arc, DS realized she felt the same way about him during the Oblivia arc, and the two finally officially got together during the Gold Conferance.
  • DS is also good friends with the rest of the group, seeming to have a particularly close friendship with Anom and Tagg.


  • DS and Zeal are the only player characters with blond hair and green eyes.
  • DS was the first person onscreen to know Tagg's actual name.

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