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Mirage is DS' Zoroark.


Mirage is a very friendly optimistic Pokémon, and is usually in a cheerful mood. She also loves movies.

Abilities in battle

Mirage doesn't know how to use her illusion abilities, and thus can't use them in battles. However, she does have Extrasensory, which presumably is an egg move she got from whatever Pokémon her father is. After evolving, she finally managed to use her Illusion powers while trapped in the trunk of Melinda's car, but still doesn't know how to do it at will as she doesn't know how she did it that time.


Mirage was bred and hatched in Virbank City, along with her siblings. The fact that she couldn't seem to use her illusion powers made the person who bred her and her siblings worry that Mirage might have a lower chance of getting adopted by a trainer. Luckily, DS and Setsuna came across Mirage and DS adopted the young Zorua.

In the AU

It is unknown if Mirage exists in the AU.

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