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Swindle is DS' Emolga.


Swindle seems to have rather relaxed attitude, but loves a good challenge. She also cares about her friends and teammates, and even if her methods can sometimes be rather sneaky, her heart is in the right place. She also possess an unusual ability to be able to steal things that may be downright impossible to steal, to the point where she can steal entire islands or a metaphysical aspect of someone's mind. She steals impossible things because she really enjoys the challenge. It is not known how she does this, or what gave her this ability. Apparently, there is also a Gardevoir with the same ability, that Swindle is shown to be a fangirl of. Her ability does have its limits, however, as she can not steal anything if she doesn't know what she is looking for, or where to look for it.

Abilities in battle

Her ability is Static. Swindle has not yet been shown actually battling, thus her battle potential is currently unknown.


Swindle first appeared in the Orange Islands, the Emolga apparently being there to return an island she had stolen earlier. Swindle continued to travel around the area, stealing the moon at one point. She later caused some problems for the trainers when she overheard some conversations between DS and Tagg, that inspired her to steal Tagg's cynical side. This accidentally caused Tagg to be taken over by another aspect which started attacking his friends. DS eventually managed to find the Emolga, and got her to return Tagg's cynical side. DS quickly threw a Fast Ball at the Emolga to catch her before she could make anything worse.

In the AU

It is unknown what happened to her in the AU. It is revealed she has a cousin who joined the resistance, who comments on Swindle mysteriously disappearing one day after going off to steal something.

Things Swindle is known to have stolen

A list of the things that Swindle has been shown, or mentioned having stolen at some point:

  • One of the Orange Islands.
  • DS' socks. (was somehow able to take them off her feet without taking off her shoes first)
  • The moon.
  • A group of Clefairy.
  • Cresselia and Darkrai.
  • Tagg's cynical side.
  • One of Skyla's planes. (while Skyla was flying it)
  • The Super Contest Hall in Hearthome.
  • A toaster from Tangent's nightmares.
  • A TM45 from DS' backpack.
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