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Setsuna is DS's Zebstrika.


Setsuna is a quiet Pokémon, never really saying anything and preferring to express herself through her actions. She can be a bit wary of people she doesn't know. She also has a fear of Chandelure. After evolving, and saving her Dewott friend from Melinda, she appears to have become more calm and no longer suffers from nightmares. While it is now known that she can talk, she still stays quiet most of the time as she is simply not used to speaking.

Abilities in battle


Setsuna was once friends with a young girl living near the route she lived on, but when the girl and her parents moved away, Setsuna was captured by Melinda. While Melinda has a good reputation for taking in and caring for homeless Pokémon, Setsuna found herself locked in a cage alongside other Pokémon, discovering that Melinda's reason for taking in the Pokémon was to sell them to the highest bidder. Setsuna befriended a Dewott, who was the only Pokémon aside from herself that had not yet had its spirits broken by Melinda's Chandelure, and the two tried to find a way to escape together.

The two eventually found an oppurtunity to break out of their cages, and attempted to escape. However, only Setsuna managed to successfully escape, as Melinda's Chandelure discovered them, and the Dewott was forced to hold it off in order to give Setsuna enough time to make it outside, promising to her that they would see eachother again someday. Setsuna managed to sneak into a delivery truck that took her out of Black City, and she later ended up at Flocessy Ranch, where she stayed until DS eventually befriended and caught her.

Setsuna trained alongside her teammates, eventually evolving into a Zebstrika while DS slowly learned more about what had happened to her. Eventually, Setsuna was able to reunite with her old friend and set him free, but Melinda caught them in the act. Setsuna and the Dewott escaped, while DS and Mirage were captured, leading to a chase which eventually ended with Melinda surrendering, DS and Mirage being rescued and Melinda's secret being revealed and the other Pokémon still left in her basement taken away to be given new homes.

In the AU

Nothing is known about Setsuna in the AU.


  • Has gotten very close to her trainer.
  • Also has a close bond to Lillith's Samurott, Arlen, who was the Dewott that helped her escape from Melinda the first time, and who joined Lillith's team after she was finally able to go back and rescue him.
  • Is also good friends with Mirage, as the two of them joined DS' team around the same time.
  • Also has a bit of a friendship with Ovis.
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