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Sunburst is DS' Volcarona.


Sunburst seems to be a bit of a snarker, particularly when it comes to Candida's cluelessness or Eli's irrational fears. She also enjoys watching things burn, liking the way flames look. However, she tends to lose control of her fire powers somewhat whenever she gets angry, but that doesn't seem to bother her much. Despite her behaviour most of the time, she does have a softer side and actually loves her two older siblings very much, she just doesn't know how to express those things.

Abilities in battle

Sunburst's ability is Flame Body. Loves to use fire attacks such as Ember and Flame Charge in battle, and also makes good use of String Shot. Also knows Giga Drain.


Sunburst was given to DS by Tagg as an egg, and later hatched while she and some of her friends were in Goldenrod.

In the AU

It is not known if Sunburst exists in the AU.


  • Is close to DS.
  • Considers Candida and Eli to be her older siblings, and while their personality flaws can annoy her at times, she cares about both of them deeply.
  • Is also friends with and admires Ammy.
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