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Flik is DS' Durant.


Flik seems to be constantly thinking about work, and always wants to work hard and get work done, to a point where concepts like "relaxing", "fun" and such seem confusing to him.

Abilities in battle


Flik originally belonged to a man who wanted to find a special artifact, a crown he believed to be a mind control artifact. DS was kidnapped so her Dimensional Scream would allow him to find the artifact, but as the Dimensional Scream wouldn't work without the presence of someone DS trusts, he decided to leave Flik in her room to keep her company and earn her trust. However, his plan for Flik to befriend DS worked a little too well as Flik ended up betraying his former master and helping DS escape after she discovered that the artifact he sought had been destroyed long ago.

As his master tried to stop DS from getting away, Flik destroyed his own pokeball to show that he had switched sides. After DS was rescued by Wolf and Lillith, Flik officially became part of DS' team after they left Holon so DS could catch him.

The AU

Nothing is known about Flik in the AU, but he may at one point show up as a new member of the Resistance.


  • While he to some degree seems to consider the relationship between humans and Pokémon to be similar to that of someone with their boss at their workplace, he definitely cares a lot about his current trainer DS, since he was willing to betray his former master for her sake.
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