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Sparq is DS' Pachirisu.


Sparq is cheerful and energetic, and likes to run and climb around. He is also good at finding things, due to his Pick-Up ability.

Abilities in battle

His ability is Pick-Up. Despite his small size, he is pretty powerful. He has been used a lot for the purpose of helping catch Pokémon, thanks to his Thunderwave and Super Fang attacks. He also knows other moves, such as Discharge and Seed Bomb.


Sparq was caught in Valley Windworks, and became the fourth member of DS' original team.

In the AU


  • Sparq gets along well with DS and the other members of her original Sinnoh team.
  • In particular, he seems to get along pretty well with Briar Rose, as the two are both pretty cheerful most of the time.
  • Is in a relationship with Swindle.
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