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HotStuff is DS' Infernape.


HotStuff has a strong wish to protect others, her trainer in particular.

Abilities in battle

HotStuff's ability is Blaze. She knows a variety of different Fire and Fighting moves, as well as other moves such as Thunder Punch, Earthquake and Shadow Claw.


HotStuff was DS' starter Pokémon, given to her as a Chimchar by Professor Rowan. Afterwards, DS' self-proclaimed rival Barry challenged DS to a battle, using the two Pokémon they had just been given. Following DS' orders, HotStuff managed to defeat Barry's Piplup and win DS her first Pokémon battle.

In the AU

HotStuff is mostly the same Pokémon as in the original timeline. After DS was seemingly killed by Dialga, HotStuff lead the rest of DS' Sinnoh team in order to find the other trainers. AU!HotStuff wears a purple scarf, which is really one of the sleeves to DS' sweater that was torn off during the battle against Cyrus.


  • Cares about DS a lot, and wants to protect her.
  • Had somewhat of a rivalry with Velvet at first as they fought for DS' attention, but they eventually became friends, even if they might still have a bit of a friendly rivalry at times.
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