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Goggles is DS' Krookodile.


Goggles is a nice Pokémon who cares about and tries to help his friends, even if his mind seems to work in unusual ways. Prone to suggesting strange solutions to things, making strange observations and at times spouting non-sequiturs, it is not clear how his thought process works, but sometimes, he does seem to know what he is talking about. Seems to enjoy most kinds of food, even things that aren't actually food.

Abilities in battle

Has the ability Moxie, which is partially the reason why DS chose to catch him, as that was the ability she wanted in her Sandile. He also knows some pretty strong moves such as Earthquake, Foul Play, and Outrage, among others. Is also good at fencing using an umbrella.


Goggles was to begin with a Sandile, whom DS met on Unova's Route 4 during the Pokémon trainers' adventure in Unova. She caught the little Sandile while he was too distracted with pointing out how much sand there was everywhere in the desert. The quirky little Sandile would prove himself to be a good teammate for DS and her Pokémon.

In the AU

In the AU, Goggles somehow ended up as the leader of a resistance opposing Artemis and Scolipede. This is most likely because, while a lot of Pokémon probably wanted to form a resistance against Artemis and Scolipede, no one else was crazy enough to actually do it.


  • Goggles gets along well with DS and his teammates, and seems to have developed a close friendship with Chase after the events of the AU arc, where the two wound up leading the Resistance together.
  • Goggles is also in a relationship with Spectrum.
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