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Odette is DS' Swanna.


Odette is nice, polite and not afraid of anything. She loves to dance.

Abilities in battle

Her ability is Hydration.


DS got the egg containing Odette by Briar Rose, who had received the egg from a Swanna in the Dream World in exchange for helping advertise their dancing show. Odette later hatched from her egg, after Artemis, Mira, and Guardé saved her egg from two Sneasel that had taken it so they could eat it. Artemis and Mira decided to adopt her.

Odette eventually evolves when she fights off a foreign Salamence that holds her (friendishly) hostage so that he can fight whomonever comes to her rescue.

In the AU

DS got Odette's egg similarly to how she got it in the original timeline, but in the AU, Odette has a different personality.

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